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THE WORK OF MORRIS ALSTON  one of the most creative and powerful photographers in the genre of portrait photography. His early work talks about the civil rights movement to the common struggle of everyday life in 1960’s America. He continues to inspire my work and the many other younger photographers that follow him and his style.


My new work is a reaction to losing some loved ones over the past couple of years. I know we all go through a mourning period, and I know life and death is a natural thing; we will all be gone someday. I find that thought tough to understand on some level, but it makes sense. Most of my new paintings are an exploration of what comes after we leave this world. Are we just really gone? Is there a heaven? Does our soul travel onto another plane of existence? Are we reincarnated? Maybe we only live on as fading memories in our loved one’s minds. The whole idea has always fascinated me. And I don’t really know or pretend to have any sort of answers, but I can explore these thoughts in my work.




The comrades of Tiny Hearts (Waajeed, Dede Reynolds, Tim K) met at a bar beneath the J train in New York City. Cadillac margaritas and invisible hands pushed the three to a south side basement for a late night listening session. Resulting remixes led to original mixes, and the group was formed. Voices from the beyond, esoteric concepts and milkshake metrics all played a role in this groups’ fruition. The result: a reflection of intention.


Waajeed, a founding member of Detroit’s Slum Village and Platinum Pied Pipers, was in a period of deep introspection when he met Brooklyn duo DEDE (Dede Reynolds and Tim K). As a key figure in the collaboration, he shapes the sonic palette now known as Tiny Hearts.


Tim K is a jazz-trained producer and composer bringing a unique melodic sensibility and lyrical identity to the Hearts. He is the glue of the trio.


Dede Reynolds, a nomadic chanteuse, contributes her icy pure vocal texture, creating the stark contrast to Waajeed’s gritty tracks that defines the sound. Her love of French pop, vintage fashion and Italian horror

shapes the auditory and visual representation of the band. She is the centerpiece of the hearts.


The group debuted on the DIRT TECH RECK takeover on Benji B’s BBC radio show in late 2012. Circulation and word of mouth created a buzz, resulting in support from KCRW’s Garth Trinidad, Aaron Byrd and Anthony Valadez, KEXP’s Dj Alex, as well and countless other

radio and club DJs across the globe. They were included in KCRW’s Top 50 chart 10.28.13 and NPR’s “Female Artists Making Waves” 11.12.13.  LA Canvas listed Tiny Hearts as one of their artists to watch in 2014.


“Stay,” the first EP from Tiny Hearts, is the result of two years of trans-continental collaboration, studio incubation, and friendship. The four-song debut is as hard as it is soft, as Detroit as it is L.A., equally well suited for seriously getting down or not-so-seriously kicking back with a glass of something. Blog giant Pigeons & Planes featured single “Stay” as a song of the week 9.20.13. Bandcamp featured the release on their weekly podcast, and Okayplayer streamed the EP upon it’s release. The trio performed and previewed the EP in an invite only Boiler Room session at LA’s HVW8 gallery 9.14.13.