I was able to get my computer fixed and it’s actually running even better then it was before. ^ ^ To celebrate I made this quicky sketch of Thad and Craydl because this is how I feel about my computer right now, and I have been wanting to do some cutesy picks of Thad and Craydl for years now.

I will probably start RPing again tomorrow, and be more active. I’m trying to put all my old info back in to my computer tonight, and just enjoying having it back.

A WIP of something I’m working on. I don’t know if I will ever finish it. Or if it will even actually look okay when I’m done. (It’s going to involve shrinking this little cell down quite a bit, and it looses a lot of it’s detail.) But I kinda like the little chibie so far, so I’m putting it up. There is a good chance I will put up the finished cell when it’s done too, since the actual thing I making out of it is, as I said, is not going to be showing much of the detail.

thethirdbatman said:

"What a cutie"

Thad’s now eight and looking up at him fearfully, he backed against the wall with narrowed eyes, deciding showing fear was showing weakness. “Leave m’ alone!” He yells, hugging Craydl close, the slime wrapping around him as if hugging him back.

craydl replied to your post: Tried to explain to the bf last night why I think DC/Warner Bros has done an average job with live action SH movies. He thinks the portrayal of Supes in MoS was great. I couldn’t articulate how having Supes snap Zod’s neck made me just “UGH!” The original script had Supes returning Zod to the Phantom Zone, and Snyder changed it. His reason? “his aversion to killing is unexplained.” Like oh yes, having Supes murder Zod, is why he now has a no kill policy… That is why I have one after all…

Wait, you need a REASON to have a no-kill policy? I’ve just been not killing people ‘cause it seemed kinda rude…

man keila we could have been killing people THIS WHOLE TIME and no one even told us

15: last kiss

Death; they’ve both experienced it. If anything it made them closer. Jason can have numerous lives if he wishes, Thaddeus knows this is his last. His first ended pitifully, just like this one will. Jason honestly seemed to read the air and tensed at Thad’s soft smile. “I think you know what happened. Healing factor gave way, someone injected it into me.” Cancer. That’s right, he’s dying of cancer. It’s upsetting to most whom know they would die this way, to Thad it’s oddly peaceful. Jason looks down at the blonde silently, Thad wonders if he’s speechless.

Thad smiles, gaining the courage to at least say good bye. After all, Craydl will keep him hooked up in a room until he meets deaths embrace. So Thad leaned up on his toes and pecked his lips, fast as usual but weaker than even he expected. He stands normally when he pulls back and sends him a content smile.

Hey, at least this time it won’t hurt as much.