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“I have a headcanon where Cana’s and Gray’s first time was with each other because they’re two attractive people always half-naked around each other. And in Sorcerer Weekly they said they were on good terms with each other.” - gray-fullbuster13

So I thought I’d zoom in on one of the promotional shots for House of Fools series two and check out the menu of Julie’s Bistro. I was not disappointed: 

  • Queef Wellington
  • Beef flaps special
  • Mary Jane’s special cake
  • Banana spliffs
  • Brisket balls / Balls of brisket
  • Steamy hot Bob of Mortimer
  • Llama spit special
  • Camel toe soup
  • Cream of cockerel soup
  • Soup of the Flay
  • Chocolatey flairs
  • Filch fingers
  • Fillet o’ fist
  • Cock-in-a-van
  • Itchy yeast
  • Glory toad in a hole
  • Spank(?) of Plankton
  • Phucked pheasant
  • Lick of meaty tongue
  • Donna’s lamb kebab
  • Ginger minged kippers
  • Transparent wine
  • Holy roly poly
  • Fizzy drizzly juice
  • Plopped fudge brownie
  • DoubleD cupcake
  • Floozy French fancy
  • Pounding cake
  • Who-Ahh Rum Baba cake
  • Puffy snatch cake