I read somewhere recently that after a few weeks of cutting out sugar your cravings would magically disappear, and you wouldn’t even want sweet things anymore.
Total Horse shit.
If I had any kind of chocolate in the house right now, I would demolish it.
Then eat its wrapper.
Then float around on a happy chocolatey sugar high.
Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels?
Horse shit.
I’m dreaming of a family sized block of rum and raisin while eating a yellow peach. 😢

The cheated fool

It’s like I no longer crave him
But yet I’m yearning for the soft melodies that drip off your tongue.
You have me wrapped around your finger, and I’m slowly feeding this fear inside of me that is quickly killing me.
I crave the soft brush of your fingers, and the gentle notion of need.
It’s as if there’s this dam getting ready to crack, and all at once I just want to throw myself into your arms.
To feel the sweet rhythm of your heart, and how I wish that it beats for me.
Yet, this should all be wrong.
The fear and hatred of oneself for craving another when you already have ones love wrapped in your grip.