I found some home decor items at Marshall’s today! The plates are Lilly Pulitzer and were a steal at $9.99 for 4 plates (2 of each print). They match my apartment and I just couldn’t pass them up.

I’ve seen the faux fur in home decor all over Pinterest so I practically screamed when I saw this super fun white furry pillow. However it was $39.99 and I just can’t justify it. Hopefully I catch it on clearance!


A few months ago I discovered OPI’s Nail Envy on Pinterest and I knew I needed it! I went out to Beauty Brands to find it but it was $16.99. A little more than I was willing to pay so I decided I really didn’t need it THAT bad.

Today I found Nail Envy at Marshall’s on clearance for $6! And it came with a free bangle (which I probably won’t wear lol). It looks like its an older package but I’m excited to see how it works!

Speaking of Kohl’s, I also spotted these babies by the LC Lauren Conrad line. They’re adorable for summer and the chunky heel makes them easy to walk in. They were on sale for $45, but that’s not cheap enough for me. I’ll wait for them to go on clearance.

I had been watching this portable coffee mug at Target since early January and finally it went on clearance after Valentine’s Day for 70% off! It was originally $7.99 but I got it for $2.39. The notecards were in the $1 bin.


It’s been a minute but I’m back with another JCP haul!

I found the belt for only $1.97 which is perfect because I’ve been looking for a brown (faux) leather belt but I didn’t want to pay a ton of it. And this one has the little bow detail which is so cute.

I had been eyeing the white canvas espadrilles for a while ever since I saw a girl I work with wearing them. They were originally $15 but I found them on clearance for $4.99 so I couldn’t pass them up! My only issue is that I know they’re going to get dirty super fast but I’m sure they will be easy to clean.

Lastly, some of the items from the Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler collection finally went on clearance! I loved this collection but everything was a little on the pricey side. All of the navy/pink things from the collection were 50% and I ended up getting these plates and bowls. They also had some trays, outdoor pillows, a rug, and a matching cup. The bowl and small plate were $3 and the bigger plate was $4.


Some of the things I picked up from the Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Bodyworks semi annual sales. I sprayed so much stuff on me I’m not even sure this is what I liked! I may go back. The bronzer was $4.90, the lotions and spray were about $3.50 each.


Michaels has this aisle with a bunch of super cute things all for under $5 I think. There was cute stationary and little gift items but this is what caught my eye. I absolutely love those little trays for my apartment! I’m not sure what I will do with them but I love the colors and prints. They were $3 each and the leopard stationary was $2!

I scored this beautiful mirror on Craigslist of all places! I think it will be great in my new apartment, either on my vanity (which I have not found yet) or over my bench at my entryway. Originally they wanted $60 for the mirror but we agreed on $35 which I thought was fair. It’s really big and heavy duty! I know in stores it would cost so much more so I’m happy with my purchase.


I got a few things at JCP today. The first is the bright turquoise cardigan. I love it because it has a cable knot pattern and its a linen/cotton blend so it’s light and breathable for summer! I got it in the petite section and it was on clearance for $12.99.

Then I got a pair of ankle skinnies with zippers at the bottom! I’ve been looking for skinny jeans with zippers on the bottom and since these were only $14.99 I decided to get them. And I don’t have any jeans this color so perfect!

Lastly, I fell in love with this white sheer top! It is kind of oversized and would look cute with jeans or leggings! Plus, a little sequin never hurt!


I stopped by Target after work and found some clearance goodies in the beauty aisle! I’ve been eyeing these “nail lingerie” decals by L’Oreal for a while but I didn’t want to pay $8 for them. I got them for 70% off! And I couldn’t pass up a foundation for $4. I can’t tell if its liquid or powder but hopefully it’s good.


I didn’t plan on buying anything today but I ended up getting some midi rings from Forever 21. I had 3 midi rings that I got at Claire’s last summer but they were just so dang small that I lost them all. So I’ve been on the search for some new ones for a while and I finally found some! These were $1.80 for 3.

Then I went to H&M and is it just me or is that store just kind of meh? Maybe it’s just the one here. It’s always so messy and crammed and everything feels cheap. Nevertheless, I always go in when I’m on the Plaza - just in case. I ended up finding this top for $12.95 and I love everything about it. It’s not too tight and it’s super light and comfy for summer. Plus it is sheer at the top and has an exposed zipper in the back. Right up my alley! It also came in black and a peachy color.