I tend to crave things far away and out of reach,
Like you.
I crave you with every inch of my being.
But you are the sun and I am just one flower.
You have many others to bring life to.
I am one of many.
But no matter the distance, and no matter the others,
I’ll always be here
For when you need an extra daisy to make you smile.
So pick me and put me in a vase.
I am yours.


—  queeeenbanana

you were walking my way
and i could not stop smiling,
because you were so beautiful
and yet so mine.
i kissed you,
for the first time in my life
i kissed someone with love
on the tip of my tongue,
and i can tell you it was worth
waiting for so long
because i felt fireworks when we kissed,
i did.
you tasted like cigarettes
and a little bit like love,
the sugary taste of passion
and care.
i wanted to inhale you
and i guess i have
because you are all over my lungs,
all over my veins, all over my heart.
i have drowned in those beautiful eyes
i got lost in the way our tongues intertwined
and when you kissed my neck,
oh my god, there are no words to describe.
i crave you,
i crave your lips,
i want to kiss you
every second till i die.
you are my wish come true
and i guess i’m slowly
in love with you ♥


I wish I could cry instead of just sitting here and staring at a blank wall which is just as empty as I am but I’m feeling all the pieces you shattered me into aching, craving for some kind of sign that you still care. That you still love me.
—  And it just makes me paralyzed somehow.