Crashing || Danny & Jo

Jo walked into the local diner-the one Danny and herself often visited to talk and just be..„ Normal she knew that was all Danny wanted…, to be viewed as a normal human being rather than a socio. She sat down, and grabbed a menu. Shortly after, she checked her watch. 3:30 pm. Where the hell was he anyways?

Crashing || beta-isaac-lahey

Everything was clear to her. That was why Scott wasn’t surprised with her pictures, with the fact that she was absorbing energy and that she looked like a fox to his werewolf eyes. He was a werewolf. The brunette still had trouble seeing things the way they really were because obviously she didn’t expected any of this. Too many things happening in two days and lets not forget that on top of this there were shadow, vanishing men who were making for some purpose.

The female took in a deep breath before she knocked on the door of the McCall house with hopes that Scott could clear up her doubts, answer her questions, because she had so many that would probably come out as rants.