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You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this onto 10 people

  1. Skinny Love - Birdy
  2. How to be a Heart Breaker - Marina and the Diamonds
  3. Pompeii - Bastille
  4. 10am Gare du Nord - Keaton Henson
  5. Euphrates and Tigris - The Zolas
  6. Take Me to Church - Hozier
  7. Cold Cold Water - Mirah
  8. Counting Stars - OneRepublic
  9. Don’t - Ed Sheeran
  10. Only Ones Who Know - Arctic Monkeys

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Insert your answers to the questions below. You must tag at least 10 of your followers.

url: krownix
name: Karol
nickname: Afro Ninja, Afro Bandit, Karl
sex: female 
sexuality: straight but stuff happens 

height:  5’6 inches??
current time zone: Pacific Standard Time 
time and date: 5:05 PM 9/8/14
last thing you googled:  gender binary
most used phrases: pfft, fucking hell, yup, yeah 
last thing you said to a family member: why are you making fun of my pants?
favourite beverage: anything iced, cold drinks
first word that comes to mind: word?
place that makes you happy and why: nowhere really, just talking to close people is enough for me.
number of blankets you sleep under: summer: 1 winter: 2?
last movie watched at the cinema: Hunger Games.. 3 years ago?
3 things you can’t live w/o: internet, friends/family, food

something you plan on learning: psychology 
piece of advice for your followers: Listen to your deep breaths. Relax when you are stressed. Your problems all have due dates. You’ll get pass them.

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I was tagged by sollux—craptor :)
Insert your answers to the questions below. You must tag at least 10 of your followers

  1. Url: haijamie
  2. Name: Jamie 
  3. Nickname: Jame, Bartola, Poopy, and J’aime
  4. Sex: Female
  5. Sexuality: Heterosexual
  6. Height: 5’7 or 5’8
  7. Current time zone: Pacific 
  8. Time and date: 6:25 pm, 9/10/14
  9. Last thing you googled: ‘Humoresque op. 101 no.7 viola and cello’
  10. Last thing you said to a family member: ‘Thank You’
  11. Favorite beverage: Water, Chai Tea, or Thai Tea
  12. First word that comes to mind: Larynx
  13. Place That Makes You Happy: San Francisco
  14. Number of blankets you sleep under: One
  15. Last movie you watched at the cinema: Avatar (such a long time ago)
  16. 3 things you can’t live without: Manga, Viola, and Internet
  17. Something you plan on learning: Humoresque by Dvorak
  18. Piece of advice for your followers: Never stop being you :)

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yaoipanda69, ayumuismynameinjapanese, awana-chan, sweet-insecurity, secret-yaoiblog, weeble124, thug-seme-since1995, general-yaoi, pocketsfullofyaoi, and just-here-for-the-hot-anime-guys

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url: sollux—craptor
name: dana
nickname: one of my friends call me dae, my parents and little brother call me dane, and two of my other friends call me dan (ironically lol)
sex: female 
sexuality: asexual
height: 5’2” (actually 1 1/2 but i just give myself that extra inch :-)
current time zone: eastern
time and date: 3:04pm, september 10th
last thing you googled: “frankie goes to hollywood”
most used phrases: “amazing”, “great”, “literally”, “help”, “smh”
last thing you said to a family member: “wow i’m the one with the problem though!!?!”
favourite beverage: ice water or honey vanilla chamomile tea
first word that comes to mind: amnesia (5sos ;^;)
place that makes you happy and i don’t have a place that makes me happy anymore
number of blankets you sleep under: uno
last movie watched at the cinema: as above so below last friday, shit was crazy!!
3 things you can’t live w/o: art music n internet
something you plan on learning: psychology, englush literatue, art
piece of advice for your followers: i know school is important, and always try your best in it, but as soon as it begins to affect your mental health, SLOW DOWN. please slow down and try your hardest to recover, take it easy. school may be important, but you living a healthy life is as well. don’t let anybody in school or even out of school get yoy down. you’re strong.

i tag: animeru, ambertheblacksheep, haijamie, the-awesomest-pancakes, the-space-between-the-stars, and princess-shy-fox!!!