Weekly beats submission for week 5 —- 05/02/2012

Was originally trying to use this in order to focus on writing music, that well, sounds like proper music with chord structure and melody. I wrote a small melody but it went somewhere else from there.
I rather like the final result and reminds me a lot of something Dan Deacon would write in some ways.
LSDJx1 - light compression/limiting, a miniscule amount of reverb, and a touch of enhanced transient filtering.

I dedicate this song to all the amazing talented people that I’ve met and those I’ve yet to meet. You surround me on all sides with amazing collective talent that should be shared with everyone. <3

Today marks an interesting change in how I post my photos to Tumblr, so I wanted to take some time to write about my editing routine.

Back when I first started out, the only place I had to publish my photos was to my Flickr account. I was learning a lot back then, but I knew I wanted to maintain some of the fun, casual aspects of being a civilian with a camera. I knew that I wanted to keep posting fun photos even if they were imperfect: a little out of focus, weird colours, whatever! I had loved taking pictures of my friends and then sharing them, and it was important to me to keep that kind of energy. That philosophy combined with my low confidence levels regarding my work sometimes made it difficult for me to get the photos edited and online in a timely fashion. After particularly important or exciting events I would often psyche myself out from going anywhere near the photos I had just taken. “What if they’re terrible? There are so many, this is going to take forever!” I’d find excuses for myself and be frightened of my own work, which then compounded on my OCD/anxious need to only edit in order and for everything to be as perfect as possible. I ended up disappointing a lot of since they just wanted to see the photos I had taken, and it was difficult to understand why it was taking so long (mostly because it was all in my head and made no sense.)

A lot of that changed when I got hired by Falsebit. I understood the demanding nature of working in press, and was determined not to let my shortcomings get the best of me. While it didn’t go as planned all the time, after about a year of working with them I finally found my stride. It helped a lot that I figured out how to use software better, and was able to solidify routines to get the photos to my liking at a much faster pace. It helped a lot that my “press picks” were usually significantly less than my “full sets” so I was able to maintain a good morale as I worked. This, combined with my Patreon, has meant that you all have been able to see my work at a way faster than ever before.

Meanwhile, my Flickr account became a lower priority. I started posting there much less, and there were huge gaps in between. This honestly didn’t really matter too much, as most people didn’t really pay attention to my Flickr account anyway. That was why I had decided to start cross-posting to my Tumblr in the first place: A lot of my work was going unnoticed, and I knew people used Tumblr way more than Flickr. But then last week I caught up! I was out of photos on my Flickr to post.

So to break it down, here is the current posting hierarchy: 

  • Flickr has my complete works, and acts as a cloud for all my images. Because there is a larger number of photos posted there, they are uploaded at a much slower rate.
  • Tumblr gets to see the best selection of what goes on my Flickr. It’s not complete, but it’s higher quality. I’m more likely to post fun photos that I consider imperfect though, because maintaining casual spaces continues to be important to me.
  • Press picks will always be the work that I consider to be my best. Because of the more carefully curated selection, these photos are published way faster. My published photos will always be the most current, even though they are technically incomplete.

Alright, so I just gave you a lot of information about my process. So here’s why:

Up until recently, the photos that I’ve posted to Tumblr have been online for a long time. But now, the photos I post here will be completely fresh and new! They’ll be photos that are what I consider “b-sides”- photos that weren’t published to press in any way- or even photos that I fell behind on so no one ever saw. Once my primary focus became getting photos onto either Falsebit, Patreon, or quickly to whoever hired me as quickly as possible, I stopped alerting people to when full sets made it onto my Flickr and just focused on Tumblin’ them instead. Plus there was a big backlog of stuff that just never saw the light of day! 

So here’s the TLDR summary: Starting today, a whole bunch of never before seen photos are going to start rolling out on my Tumblr. I’m pretty excited about this, and I hope you will be too. There’s a lot of cool stuff on its way this week, and I really hope you’ll enjoy it.

As far as published work goes, my photos from the most recent Pulsewave featuring +Let’s Disinfect+, craphazzard, and Decktonic with visuals by DIY_DESTRUCTION went up. I’ve been continuing to work on getting my backlog of Babycastles photos edited, and hopefully be done with that soon. After that……. ? It’ll definitely be something interesting.