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[Translation] - Precious Wonder by ‘KAIN’

Title: Precious Wonder

Artist: Kain

Warnings (?): R-18

*This is the doujinshi half of the book. The other half is a novel in which I suspect explains why they both turned to cats…(possibly because of Momoi’s food and it involves the Generations of Idiots somehow….)

I want to wape both of them really bad…………. Please help me….(-ω-、)

                                 English Translation

Scan provider: miyuki_yeu

Translator + Typeset: kyomi-shi

Previous scanlation group: AkaKuro Fanclub

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I know that I’m lucky.
Lucky to have you by my side.
I’m lucky because I have someone
to love me,
to kiss me,
to enlight my soul.
You can count on me,
because I won’t lose you,
you don’t leave the people you love.
My sun, my moon, my stars,
my entire galaxy.
I love you to the point of insanity,
to the point of losing my mind,
to the point of craving your body,
and yearning your kisses.
This is insane.
—  a.h.