About skin tone used on Archie comic.

As much as I try to stay neutral about it, the unpleasant amount of hate I have been receiving in my ask box lead me to do this post.



the first picture above show us the skin tones used for Shelly, Archie and Matt in their concept artwork, and the second picture show a comparative of the ame color tones with the skin tone used on the comic.

Notice that the color I worked with in the comic is actually darker and more vivid(saturated) han the original toned. I figured that people may think that the tone is actually lighter because of th ilumination, wich i made using white light.


 Here i use another image to, again compare the skin tones of, not only the Aqua team members, but also the Magma team members. The colors used in this artwork are diferent from the ones used on the concept art, but It actually show us a interesting detail about Archie skin tone. IN this picture, his skin looks much more “yellow” in comparision with his concept artwork, yellow tones skins are related to asians, and as the game region, Hoeen, is based on Japan, this makes a lot of sense.


Another image here show a comparative to all depicted Archie skin tones. They are surelly diferent but as we can see it , his skin color does not relate as a “POC”.

In conclusion, Archie is not “black” or neither “white”, his is skin tone is probably fruit of miscegenation. He has a mix of skin tones with him, maybe he is descendant of African and Asian people.

Now, about the tan thing. It would make no sense at all if Archie wasnt tanned considering he probably pass o lot of time in the ocean and being affected by the sun light.


Now for ending this post, I decided to edit Archie skin tone twice, one to show how he would look with a lighter skin, and another to show how he would look with a darker skin. Showing some of possible variation for his skin tone.

People are actually hating on my Archie comic because “whitewashed a black skin character”. Dude, Archie does not have black skin, its not hard to understand.


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