The last of Martin Hsu’s Puffer Puss have left Plushinator HQ. They looked so happy, all packed up on their way to California… to swim off to their new homes. 

These are the very last 7 in a handmade edition of 50! I actually cant believe I’ve made that many. Bon Voyage little puffers!

Today! Wednesday, 12/5 at Noon PST! Be one of the 10 to get your Crabby Bear Plush for the holiday! Martin is opening up the pre-orders (and if you do not get one of the first 10, the next 10 are rolling out for Valentines day)! 

I am almost done with the first set of these rather large dapper fellows and am excited to share some studio photos chronicling the production! Stay tuuuuuned. 

Crabby Bear Designer Plush:

- Designed & produced by Martin Hsu 

- 100% handmade & locally sourced by Lana Crooks in Chicago

- Limited Edition of 30

- Collector Certificate signed & numbered by Lana and Martin

- $85 + $12 US shipping

How to Order:

Email Martin at info@martinhsu.com  Wednesday, 12/5 at Noon PST with subject titled “Crabby Bear!”

Only the first 10 orders will ship before Christmas so set your alarms!

All additional orders will ship before Valentine’s Day 2013. Lana needs time to hand sew every little leg :) (aint that the truth, xoxo- Lana)

I love the way you decorated with all my old things, and how you bought all my favorite incense. I love how two packs of cigarettes a day was never a turn off. I love how you mixed all my drinks, and didn’t let me off easy just for being a girl. I love the way you played me Jack Johnson, and when you where playing for other people… it was like our secret feel good song, and you would just smile at me until you stopped strumming. I love the advice you gave me; no matter how hard headed I am, I heard it all. I loved the night we watched the sunset and thought that everything around us was oh so surreal. I love that you poured your heart out over cups of Craken and Grand Theft Auto. I loved our dog, and how you’d say run to your mama and he would. I loved your cooking. I loved your bits of history knowledge that blew my mind. I loved the glow of the lights in your room, and how you always hated when I would step outside to take his calls. But I could never love you. And so i’ll miss you even more.