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To celebrate, here are some of my fave pics from the last 100 creepers of craigslist ads. It’s a slideshow, so click the arrows at either side to navigate. 

I wanna be clear that in the pic of “rick”… I *only* added the lips over his face. The rest of that shit? The hearts and other lips, and the light coming out of his head…? That was already there.  

I couldn’t pass up this one: a glowing, fourth generation Lotus Challenger on Jersey Shore’s craigslist. I love the lawn statue and the photographer’s imposing shadow. Oh yeah, the bike is decent as well. Looks to be in great shape and all original. Minimal miles on this tall ride. I’ve always been fond of this Lotus color scheme, though it’s not as flashy as their coral or lavender frames. Asking $200.