craigsbeautifulkitty said:

be strong!!! LDRs are fucking crazy but its gunna be great i met my man here on tumblr and holfy fucking shiz man we just got married on Feb.1st weve been together for a while now dealing with the same distance and skype dates and facebook txting its hard as fuck but i believe in ur love <3!

Ah, it’s so nice to see that some people do reach happiness from LDRs! 

I’m so happy about your marriage! x

I hope that everything is wonderful for you, because you deserve it! :)

nifty-ways-to-gay said:

Yeah hey I don't know you or follow you or anything but i JUST WANTED TO SAY YOUR USERNAME YOUR USERNAME I'M FLOPPING AROUND ON THE GROUND LAUGHING AND CRYING IT'S PERFECT YOU'RE PERFECT that is all *falls through the earth*

Thank you!! My friend (craigsbeautifulkitty) came up with it for me :3 I love your icon btw!

craigsbeautifulkitty said:

im sorry that happened to you same thing happened to me at the airport they even taunted me what happenes if you love him sooo much you cant bear to leave him? they ask me and yeah its scary theyre tightening up on immigration lately even though i have legit reason to go they will always give me a hassle

It was really demeaning that they had me sit, went through my bags, and contacted Mikey, his mom, my job, my BOSS, and still didn’t let me know if I was going to be able to go through. I was so utterly tired from the flight and having to sit through 2 hours of that bullshit was pushing me to my breaking point. I am absolutely terrified to go back to see Mikey now. I don’t want to have to go through all that again. It literally gave me nightmares.