Colt Python

A heavily but masterfully engraved Colt Python, one of the famed revolvers from Colt’s snake series. Chambered in .357 Magnum, there are several variations of the Python, each with varying degree of collector status and price. This particular Python was worked on by master engraver Sanitago Leis. The starting price on this auction is at about $4,999, which isn’t that bad considering the price of the snake revolvers tends to generally go upwards. (GRH)


Carmina: Shoemaking Excellence

Arguably one of the most renowned shoemakers in the world, Carmina was a mandatory visit during my recent trip to Madrid. Accompanied by my friend Álvaro, I got a chance to visit their flagship store which mind you, is the ultimate  haven for shoe aficionados. In the unlikely event you are unfamiliar with Carmina, the Spanish brand’s origins can be traced back to 1866, when Matias Pujadas established a workshop in Mallorca devoted to crafting tailor-made shoes. Passing on his legacy to the next generations, the know-how in shoemaking was refined throughout the years, evolving and adapting to market demands. In 1997, the third generation of the Pujadas family founded Carmina Shoemakers, set on producing some of the best shoes in the world. I think we can all agree that goal was achieved “cum laude”.

The outstandingly inviting environment is surpassed only by the welcoming staff and sheer variety and quality of the shoes on display. Besides presenting an impressive selection of models which is likely to include everything on your wishlist, the store also provides customers with shoe care services and goods, leather accessories and a wooden version of each available last. Never-ending displays sorted according to types of leather, construction and models surround a central area where a large marble table and winchester couches invite to sit and try your personal favourites… and trust me, that selection is one of the hardest you’ll ever have to make.

Materials range from superb cordovan and exotic leathers to beautiful calfskin and supple suede, in a variety of finishings and treatments, spread throughout their trademark interpretations of oxfords, monks, derbies, brogues, loafers, spectators, boots and wholecuts. The latter, depicted above in light brown suede, were definitely among my favourites and are already on the list for future purchases. Just a final note for the ladies, one of those displays is entirely devoted to you!

Ph: Beyond Fabric


1ST PAT-RN AW15 Pitti Preview

My love for 1ST PAT-RN is now well documented after years of covering its collections and closely accompanying the evolution and development of new designs and fabrics. Furthermore, I’ve enjoyed the possibility of slowly building a personal collection of its trademark models in superb shades, that remain, to this day, some of my favourite garments. Portraying their outspoken love for heritage, craftsmanship and workwear, the Italian trio comprised by Cristiano, Alessio and Silvia have single-handedly produced some of the most inspiring pieces I’ve seen to date. 

Through extensive research of military history, they have been able to recreate the original patterns of navy and army uniforms, along with original color palettes and trimmings. The ability to combine Alessio’s tailoring skills in pattern making, with Cristiano and Silvia’s uncanny know-how in fabric development, resulted in the creation of soft tailored garments made from an exclusive “Cavalry di Maglia” fabric. Evolution presents itself not only through new models such as worker jackets, single and double breasted blazers, pants and shorts, but also through variations on the original fabric, which now has knitted versions on gabardine and tweed. 

Inspired by the Italian countryside, the collection delivers a contrast between workwear garments worn by farmers on their daily tasks and more tailored pieces reserved for special occasions. Besides new models, the main highlight was undoubtedly the introduction of new fabrics such as the “Tweed di Maglia”, brown corduroy from Brisbane Moss and original Indigo, along with limited edition models featuring the last bolts of archive fabrics.

Ph: Beyond Fabric