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name: Isis, says in my description
birthday: July 2nd

favourite colour: Dark blue or purple, can’t really decide

lucky number: 3

height: last time I checked, 4’11’’

Talents: Taiko drumming and drawing/art in general, I guess

last dream you remember: Asylums and watching Godzilla

can you juggle: Between tabs on my internet browser? Yes.
arts/sports/both: Both
do you like writing: If I’m in the mood, but that’s rare
do you like dancing: Only when I’m alone or in crowds where no one can see me

like singing: YES
dream vacation: Oh, boy, let’s not get into this long list

dream person: Probably someone who doesn’t exist

dream wedding: I don’t really plan on getting married, but if I do, just something with low budget and is pretty. I mean, the dream is to be with the person you love, right?
dream job: I always liked the thought of being in a band

favorite song: Either 505 by Arctic Monkeys or Flawless by The Neighborhood
favorite album: American Idiot by Green Day or A.M by Arctic Monkeys, I can’t decide

last song you heard on radio: I think it was Move Along by All-American Rejects

Least favourite song: hahaaahaha That’s a long list

least favorite artist: Can’t really pick..

guys/girls/both: I like the best of both worlds

hair colour: I don’t care for hair color
eye colour: Green or blue are nice but I don’t really care
humorous/serious: I like the mix of both, like dark, serious humor
taller/shorter: Well, everyones taller than me, so tall

biggest turn-off: being an asshole, being judgmental, dramatic or picks fights, racist, sexist, homophobic, narrowminded, unromantic, controlling, pushy, etc, etc, theres tons really
biggest turn-on: Intelligent (and I don’t mean like grades wise, although grades are important), smooth/flirtatious, artistic, knows how to play intruments, great sense of humor, socially charming and doesn’t use too much PDA
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