I took this snap while crafting yesterday and I really love how it looked from a groovy birds eye view. My other half and I have been creating like mad men and it has been such a magical joy to spend so many days and evenings doing what we love. I’m so grateful to have such an amazing soul in my life, and I feel so blessed to be able to awaken to this fun and him, each and every day.

Favorite Transformer Quotes Needed!

I’m getting back into cross stitching, and I’m really liking making small sayings that can be purchased for not too much money.

So what sayings would you like to see? Give me the line, character, and when/where they said it and I might have to just embroider it!

Yes. “HOO-AAH” from TFP Ratchet will be coming up and be in the etsy store before too long.

You’re welcome.


Part two for the eyepatch tutorial

Here’s how I made the bandaid part of the eyepatch, how I pulled the string through the base and finished it up.

I hope this tutorial can be helpful to cosplayers. I know it’s not the easiest way to make an eyepatch (especially for people who don’t like sewing) but it was the best way I came up with. Have fun crafting and cosplaying you beautiful people! Ganbatte ne!

Part 1


And the rest of the commission is finished! If these bats look familiar, it’s because they are mini keychain versions of the regular sized bats I had made for chaaarmanderchar before! These batties are cute and I had fun making them. It was great getting to experiment with wiring the wings to make them posable!

Commissioned by: chaaarmanderchar
Bat pattern modified from beezeeart‘s bat pattern.

Happy Friday everyone!! experimenting with brush lettering in my Hobonichi using Peerless watercolors 💕 #Hobonichi #journal #diary #notebook #planner #filofax #letters #lettering #type #typography #calligraphy #moderncalligraphy #handwriting #handlettering #pens #markers #doodling #doodling #midori #midoritravelersnotebook #crafting