Finally, Craftversations pt 2 is here! Enjoy the rest of my chat with seanpersaud as we discuss a lot of things and string our states. I can’t really remember what we talked about, but boy was it interesting. Check it out.


Sheik Masterpost!!

I love this cosplay so frikkin much! I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done

Here you see a compilation from where I started to how everything turned out. I am so gonna wear this cosplay to every occasion I can. (After I updated a few things so I can move better hehe)
Also there will be a lot more photos soon, since I won a shooting with an awesome photographer together with my wonderful Impa here ♥


Progress photos by me
Middle: onlygreencat
Bot left: snowgrimm
Bot right: zeropuntosedici

Sheik is me
Impa is Fantastic Leo Cosplay

Thank you all for these wonderful pics ♥

[Also in case you’re interested in my working process ~ here’s a tutorial on the armor I have for this cosplay!]

I’m bringing Katarina to @calgaryexpo this weekend, including the twin blades I made! Here’s a little collage of the process! It took longer to prime/paint these suckers than to make them! A frustrating discovery that led to multiple sleepless nights. The material I used is balsa wood from Hobby Lobby, cut and sanded into shape. I have a handheld multi-tool for the cutting, a sander, hand held orbital sander and sand paper for sanding. My tiny hands do not enjoy sanding >_<. Once I was happy with the shape, I covered the wood with #Worbla, for stability! Then it was decorated with Eva foam shaped with a dremel tool, and also covered in Worbla. I coated 5 layers of wood glue into the blades (took forever), and acrylic paint was used for the finish. Oh, and clear coat to seal it all! I’m very grateful to @kamuicosplay, who FB-chatted with me all the way from Germany and gave me suggestions along the way. I’m much more at ease with sewing than prop making, mostly because there is minimal mess and no tedious waiting for glue or paint to dry. I like focusing on something and keep working until it’s done, where as with props you have to work in stages, and occupy yourself while layers are curing/drying. Nonetheless, I will keep making props cuz it’s a vital part of cosplay, and fun in all it’s frustrating messy glory! Come see me as #WarringKingdoms #Katarina from #leagueoflegends at #CCEE on Saturday, table B3714 in the Upper Four Building!!! Can’t wait! #cosplay #crafting #propmaking #props #progress #YayaHan (at