WIP Wednesday: headband/ear warmer for my oldest

This isn’t actually the piece in progress; it’s just the yarn, obviously. But the yarn is so nice, I figured I’d go ahead and post it.

This isn’t the only thing I’m working on. There’s the crocheted amigurumi cup of coffee for my dad…. And of course the secret project for the Husband.

This whole family plague thing is throwing a definite wrench in my finishing schedule. Grrrrrr……


Here is the knit blanket that I have spent almost two years knitting. It’s made from KnitPicks Brava Bulky, and it is as big as a queen sized bed.

I finally finished it and I couldn’t be happier. You can literally see the flaws from when I was a beginner and how I have improved in the last 2 years. 

I don’t really remember which pattern I began with but you can find it on ravelry.  

Happy Knitting everyone!


tysm to everyone who came!!!!!!!!! just wow, I love you all & thank you for the support ♡ ♡ ♡

120 Crafting

finally :’) 2nd rarest cape is now mine.  threaded my damn wealth into this cape! I love it so so so so much tho~

my huge calculation spreadsheet lmao: http://puu.sh/dom5Y.png
not even full spreadsheet tbh :v

Rank: 158

{{ Special shoutouts }}

my clanmates <3 tindiesclan / the bae aknwillie / the son elijahrs / the bro brienrs / people who helped out with buying dragonstones - kingjoffreyrs this goes out to you, especially lmao / shady palms my e-fam tbh <3 / everyone who has sent me positive supportive msgs omw to 120

{{ Gifts! ♡ }}

brienrs: http://puu.sh/dokoQ.png (tea! YUS!)
avidlyrs: http://puu.sh/dokpA.png (would ya expect anything else?)
blur: http://puu.sh/dokq1.png (120 agil would happen if I had $$$!!!)
aknwillie: http://puu.sh/dokqI.png (cape paid, yus!)

{{ Future Plans }}

I’ve been asked what my next goals are and I don’t have any definite plans or dates, but I would like 200m Craft, 120 Thieve, & 120 Div :>

if I do actively go for 200m Crafting (which I probably won’t lol) I could get it sometime between March-May. who knows what’ll happen!

I do have winter break coming up (so this cape coincides as a Christmas gift to myself ;>), and I’d like to do some more active skilling, but I’m not sure what. I just want to relax w/ my 120 on my back for now

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I left work early today to attend Mani’s office party this afternoon. They’re having a potluck at his boss’ house. They wanted eggnog, and it is against campus policy to have alcohol on the premises. Hey, I like eggnog. I am totally ok with this.

The crafting for our ugly sweater party is complete! I made little candy cane stands for our food labels. I also made paper garlands. I’ve been a regular motherfucking Martha Stewart lately. Who am I?

Mani and I are wearing Santa onesies to our party. We tried them on the other night and decided to walk the dog in them at 10pm, because who the hell is going to be out and about at that time? Oh, just EVERYONE. Our neighbors probably think we are REALLY into Christmas.

I found a use for the mini scarf that the Maker’s Mark club sent Mani: pug scarf.

You’re probably wondering about the Weener Kleener. It’s our white elephant gift for tonight. Thanks for the inspiration, mrstrivialbob! Absolutely genius.


[shrieking] AMG IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?!?!?! :’)

my first non-dg 120 and it’s the one I’ve always wanted. before 120s were even a thing, I’ve wanted 200m in Crafting, and here I am over halfway through. 120 Crafting is a huge milestone of how far I’ve come, and I’d love for anyone who can make it to be there@@@@ :> all are welcome 💕💕

Haven’t posted any projects lately, and I would have more pics but this blue is just so hard to photograph correctly…anyway.

These are the cabled hats that I’ve been making. They are chunky and slightly slouchy. Probably going to be using up most of my stash to make a bunch more.

Selling them for $10 each (plus $5 for shipping) if anyone is interested. Can do any color.

Yarn Holder DIY

My friend linked me to this absolutely brilliant tutorial for a homemade yarntainer/yarn bowl/yarn containment device, so I thought I’d share.  Bonus, the yarn stays covered to protect it from dust or spills!  (I have dumped water in my knitting bag more times than I care to think about, so this is important to me.)  The tutorial does require drilling, but I bet in a pinch a hammer and a decent size nail could punch through and make a hole that could be trimmed afterwards.