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STOUT FACT - It is a misconception that stouts are heavier or more filling than other ales. In fact, on a caloric level, several stouts are lighter than Miller Lite. Featured stout, Chinout from @mkbain #craftbeer

Enlightened Despot (Bourbon Barrel Russian Imperial Stout) labeling is all done. We’ll package it tomorrow and release the beer at the Farm this Saturday, March 7th. #LCCB #VAbeer #CraftBeer #DespotDay

Doing a Dubhe on a snowy afternoon!

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So glad @orpheusbrewing added to their collection of cans! Out now is Transmigration of Souls DIPA. A very dry malty bisquity mouth to it with a hint of honey sweetness. The taste is only a slight bitterness from the hops which give of orange, lemon, peaches and pineapple and a bit of that backend burner to that 10% abv. Solid beer, looking forward to whats next guys!

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Man… such a stellar brand spot.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. - Our Story


Some pictures from last night at Prime 16 in New Haven. Was lucky and got to go to the New England Brewing Company tap takeover. It was really insane what a great time sooooo many people. Most people just waited at the bar and a line was formed each time a beer was tapped. They had a schedule for tapping that I feel really worked out perfectly. They’d come out with a beer every hour or so. Only condition for a table was that you had to be pretty much actively eating. Holy shit… Me and my friends (there were only four of us) somehow held down a table from 3:30-9:00. And we ACTIVELY ate.😜 So anywho our bill was rather large at the end of the night but we had great service, got to try pretty much every appetizer Prime 16 had to offer, and got the privilege to sit down and enjoy some of NEBCO’s finest.
I’m not joking here.. This was a night to remember. Some of my biggest most elusive whales were spotted. I finally got to try Smoke Detector…. WTseriousF.
Out of this world. Deep dark roasty body. Burnt delicious carbonated sips. This beer was a JAM. (6 pictures down on the left)👅💦
Started off the night with Wet Willy scotch ale …2012. 😳 ⬅️pretty sure I looked like that all night.
I had Wet Willy without age, it was good caramel toffee color very prominent on the scotch. Well with age guys I’m not lying… This beer was just crazy. It was everything you wanted more of in the original. SUPER boozy, I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if I was drinking a glass of scotch with some beer poured in it. That’s an exaggeration but that’s seriously how boozy this big daddy is. In a good way though, lighter caramel color still not too hazy at all. Deep toffee notes. ☺️Next we had the Nelson Pale cask…Two words DANK DELICIOUS. This was such a clean beer, palate cleansing and beautifully balanced, as always. Lite amber color noo carbonation. I think that was the best part about this beer. You didn’t have anything hiding this beers full flavor. It was out there in your face and holy $hit I’m so glad I got to try it,