This is what happened: Tumblr has deleted my giveaway because someone tagged it as “giveaway”.

So, since I have put much effort in preparing the five oracles and since you had participated in many, I decided to do it again.

This time the rules are a bit different:

- You have to follow me (as always);

- You have to reblog this post (several reblogs are better, because I need that all those who had participated the first time see it);

- The “like” doesn’t count (as always);

- Do not tagged the post with “GIVEAWAY” because Tumblr could deletes the post again;

- The contest will finish on Sunday 28th. Then I’ll be use a random generator to chose the winner.

- On the 29th, I will announce the five winners here on my blog and I’ll send to them a message.

I apologize very much for this problem but, unfortunately, I can do nothing to avoid it.

I tried searching the post anywhere but Tumblr has deleted it, so it is unrecoverable.

Thanks you very much for your support and participation !

We have someone very special to introduce to you!  Presenting the newest addition to our family: Brielle Rylie Lau!

We feel so incredibly blessed to have two sweet girls in our lives, and we thank God each and every day for these two miracles!  Amidst the fragmented sleep and non-stop nursing, I am trying to soak in all the precious newborn moments that are so fleeting.  It seems like Myla’s newborn days were all a blur, and I cannot believe the difference that two years can make in the life of a baby/child!  Myla has grown up so quickly and has taken on her role as big sister well.  Baby Brie is so tiny and precious, and we are thoroughly enjoying our family time together during this special time of the year!

With all these big changes in our lives, I will be blogging less regularly as we adjust to our new routines and catch up on sleep whenever we can.  You can keep up to date with me on my social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) as I will update those more frequently!  We were overwhelmed by all your kind words and comments when we announced Brielle’s arrival and our Christmas family pic through our social media- thank you so much for loving and supporting our family so much!  You can also now sign up for e-mail updates through subscription by entering your e-mail address in my sidebar (under the “Most Popular Patterns" picture)!

We had a blast taking Brie’s newborn photos and including some crocheted props along the way- I will be sharing more photos and what else I crocheted for her in the coming weeks!  If you’re interested in the jazzy little hat that Brie is wearing in this birth announcement, it’s a free pattern by “AlliCrafts" called the "Butterfly Hat" found HERE (I used the newborn size, but sizing is available up to 6 months).  To see a photo of this hat by itself, check out my Instagram photo HERE.  It works up very quickly and attaching rhinestones, gems, or flowers adds such a beautiful touch- we used hot glue to attach this flower that was meant to be a scrapbook accessory!  And in case you’re wondering, I used Lion Brand Yarn’s Martha Stewart Extra Soft Wool Blend for this hat since I had so much left-over from the “Yarn Ball & Crochet Hook Pins" I made in the summer!

See you in the new year, and God bless!


New for the New Year and Upcoming for my etsy store!

"Chibi Chubs!"

Chubi-Scream and Chub-Out are examples.Their eyes are made of Brilliance gems and they are sculpted from polymer clay.

I will be taking Commissions for these little fellas as well as others, any character or series including OC’s.

If you have any questions or would like to reserve a slot feel free to send me an ask or fanmail. :)

Too late for this year, but early for next year - a galaxy glitter ornament tutorial! There isn’t much specifically astronomical in this tutorial, but I think it would be easy to add some science-y details.

I’d start with a splatter of white (or even glow-in-the-dark) paint for foreground stars, then check out some nebula images from the Hubble Space Telescope and the Chandra X-Ray Observatory for inspiration.



So I hand-built a Light-Saber for my brother as his Christmas gift this year

Using scrap aluminum tubing from a friend of mine, black acrylic wash, Spray-sealant and adhesive, Junked electrical parts, washers, a shattered spark-plug, copper tubing, brass hardware, LED casing, custom nuts and bolts, and a LOT of Dremel work.

I tried to create a hybrid of Rahm Kota’s leather-wrapped saber, and Starkiller’s saber from the Force Unleashed series.

So yeah. I make stuff sometimes.



Made this cushion as a christmas pressie for my older brother. It features fuscia, mini strawberries and forget me nots. Especially fitting for him as he and family have recently moved into a lovely new home deep in the Irish countryside.