Erika Sanada was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Her early inspirations stemmed from creatures and characters of horror films. In 2005, she received her BA in Communications and Design at Nihm University College of Art in Tokyo. After working as a commercial illustrator and a movie studio makeup artist, Erika returned to art school in San Francisco, where she received her MFA in sculpture and currently lives as a full-time artist. Erika Sanada is represented by Modern Eden Gallery.

My work reflects the weird and the creepy; I am fascinated with the dark side. “Odd Things” is my current body of work and I use ceramic for making bizarre creatures. They have extra body parts such as multiple arms, legs, teeth and ears.  These are how I express my sensitive mind. There are two reasons I create misshapen and abnormal work. One is my bitter childhood and the second is my constant anxieties.

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Le tuto, le tuto m’a-ton demandé alors je m’éxécute.

- Imprimer les 2 planches A4 sur du papier coloré (un peu épais pour que ça se tienne) et découper proprement les formes.
- Plier sur les pointillés. *Astuce* passer doucement la lame d’un cutter, d’une aiguille à tricoter fine ou d’un couteau pour marquer le pli.
- Coller le bas et le haut séparement puis assembler grâce aux languettes.

Pour les accrocher j’ai glissé avec une aiguille à coudre un fil de nylon sur un coin du losange. Suspendu par un morceau de scotch papier et hop le tout est joué.

Waiting For A Story To Get Going

No new post this week as I’ve been struck down by a mystery illness (or possibly just a cold). In the meantime here’s one from the archives.

Story is about character. There’s what happens to the character, and there’s what the character does (not necessarily in that order).

Of these two key elements, what the character DOES is far more important than what is DONE TO the character.

Readers want to engage with a character who makes decisions and choices and takes action.

If it’s all about what happens TO the character, then chances are it’s going to turn out to be a boring story.

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