I don’t normally post WIP pics anymore if it’s not Wednesday, but I plan on working on this a lot tonight and will surely run out of room on the needles and not be able to get a decent picture until I get bigger ones.

I’m using the Radiating Star Blanket pattern from Ravelry, with worsted weight yarn and size ten needles.

I’m still debating on whether or not I want to do multiple colors. Input?

Where to Start Your Story (Exactly)

There are basically two ways you can start a story. You can have all guns blazing action or you can establish the ordinary world of the character before things change.

Both approaches have their pros and cons and a lot of it depends on various factors to do with your story and what you consider to be right for you as a writer. But the problem comes when you show your first chapter to someone else and they don’t react in the way you’d hoped, making you lose confidence in what you had thought to be quite a good scene that set things up nicely.

Questions arise such as maybe the other approach would be better for this story, for this genre, for you as a writer. But the truth is these are the wrong questions. So if the start of your story isn’t attracting the kind of response you want, what are the questions you should be asking yourself?

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DIY Marzipan Sugar Scrub Recipe from Kittenhood. This is an easy 4 ingredient sugar scrub with cocoa and almond essential oil to give it that cake/cookie smell. This would make a nice gift combined with other DIY spa gifts that I’ve posted i.e. milk baths, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, knockoff Lush bathbombs etc… here: diychristmascrafts.tumblr.com/tagged/beauty


Последние несколько дней была занята необычным заказом. Он меня очень удивил, но я взялась за это дело!

Необычность в том, что это валяние. Да, я же как-то раз сваляла Селестию. Вот кто-то решил попросить сделать маленькую Луну)

Работа очень доставляла удовольствие. И вроде даже вышло весьма неплохо. 
Главное заказчику нравится!)

Тия всё ещё стоит у меня. Не любят Селестию)

Last few days I make very interesting order. Because it’s felting! I was shocked, but start doing this)

Once a day, I felting Princess Celestia. And some one see her, and ask me about Luna

Luna’s well done. I think.. 

Also. Poor little Tia waiting her owner:3


☀ ATTN: SORORITY CRAFTERS ~ SEE your greek craft in the New York Times!!

The New York Times is doing a piece on Sorority Crafting! Boats & Bows is working with them on the content, and they are having an OPEN CALL for submissions. Their favorites will be posted on the NYT website and a select group will be in a fairly large piece in the Nov 2nd issue!!!

Submissions can be sent in via this link:


submitted by: Jackie • Boats & Bows