Greetings, ladies 40 and up.  Yes, it is true, when you’re 40 or so, presbyopia (far-sightedness) hits and there you are, at some halfway cool store (I went to Anthropologie) trying to buy magnifying glasses so you can read that mystery novel your favorite auntie sent you for Christmas.

But alas, then you take the carefully chosen glasses home and you lose them within the first few days.

Fret not!  This is a nifty device you can make yourself that allows you to keep those glasses on your person while you are looking far away!  Note, nobody, not even knitting stores, seems to sell these necklace eyeglass holders anymore.  Trust me, you don’t want the sporty alternative-an eyeglasses holder designed to keep your glasses on when whitewater rafting-so just go ahead make something like the above so YOU can be chic!

…and have fun!  Shopping for beads is so relaxing-so many pretty colors!-and making your own creation with beads gives you an unexpected sense of accomplishment.

Just make a budget-no more that $25.00 (high end) for all the materials.  Beading is a VERY slippery slope-almost as bad as knitting!!