Show w/ Empire! Empire! and Bandname. Tuesday, Aug 30.

Cool show Tuesday at The Cracker Factory w/ Empire! Empire! and Bandname.

(We love Keith. We love Cathy. We love Jeremy. We love Cat. We love Greg.)

Show starts at 7, we’re first.

(So, be there at 8 punk rock time.)

I think this is the Facebook event:

Ask a punk, check Facebook, or ask us for address

Come on, Philly, let’s party (on a Tuesday night.)

Also, it’s Pete Pie’s birthday, so bring vegan treats, like dirt or water.


Looks like sumptin dun fucked up at the cracker factory because I’m sposedta have two Louie reviews up on the web heuh and the shit ain’t there! I wrote ‘em in a frenzy while I had the use of both of my hands last week. And now here they is, not here.

Ho-hum. Tomorrow then, I guess.

Millions and millions of crackers. a display from the cracker factory. 

"As an illustration of the extent of Mr. Smith’s cracker making, it may be said that his annual production is 1,625,000 dozens. If this number were placed in a pile twenty-five feet square, and one hundred and thirteen feet in height, sixty men could stand side by side around such a pile, and if each man should eat three dozen daily until the entire lot was consumed, the pile would last thirty years. Or if his annual production was equally divided among the inhabitants of Vermont, every person would receive five dozens." —Tucker, History of Hartford, Vermont. 

Tamil Nadu: Fire breaks out at the cracker factory in Sivakasi

Sivakasi: A major fire broke out at a cracker factory in Sivakasi on Thursday after an explosion. The fire broke out during the lunch hours on Thursday. Some fire tenders were rushed to the spot and the blaze brought under control.

The cause of the fire…

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before we left for dear landlord/the holy mess/banquets/luther at the barbary last night, tom texted joe to see if he was cool to play the aftershow at a basement in fishtown. after agreeing, joe drove us to the barbary. pretty sweet, and they make a good vodka cranberry. went back down to south philly. grabbed some wine from my house, some gear at ava, and went back up north in the van. it was packed. hung out outside and only watched the menzingers. they finished around 1 am and left soon after. coming to work with a huge hangover wouldn’t be so bad if i didn’t work for my dad.

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Hi ... anon shy

*Fear. Swallow me. Whole.

Take a leaf of paper and draw your mind

I looked up at your window

The first time I saw you was in your apartment

Outside the café by the cracker factory*

Basement - Control 

Manchester Orchestra - Colly Strings 

Basement - Earl Grey 

Modern Baseball -Apartment

Arctic Monkeys - Crying Lighting 


p cool p cool ♥