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Flower Boy

Description: Due to certain circumstances, Dan Howell along with his mother and step dad end up moving to a new little town. Here Dan thankfully meets some new friends along with some new enemies. Nothing his witty comebacks and sarcastic attitude cant handle. But he’s pretty sure he has nothing that could have prepared him for the one and only Philip Lester. The only person who can make Dan want to rip his hair out while simultaneously make his heart leap 50 feet in the air. (Pastel!Dan & BadBoy!Phil)

Warning!: Strong language is used in this fanfiction! Curse words, suggestive situations and some slur terms are used that may be triggering to some readers!

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Chapter 14

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Chris seems like he’s doing so much better now and his new content is so much better and much more pure and wow I missed having him around but it was worth the wait because the real him is amazing

Can I ask/suggest something to the Tiny Planet Explorers?

I think we should stop shipping kickthestickz, it’s what ruined Chris and Pj’s friendship for a while (well not completely ruined since they are hanging out again and working on a project together now).
So, yeah, I don’t say you m u s t n o t post kickthestickz stuff, I’m saying that from now on I’m not posting/reblogging this kind of things and it would be awesome if you support this idea. :)

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