[cr1tikal voice] What’s up, everybody. Let’s do this shit. 

So, I finally reached 1k followers  after years in this blue hell. Turns out, all you need to do is change your url! But, to say my gratitude, and to give love (and prizes!) back to you all, I’m finally doing a giveaway! 

There will be TEN winners. That’s right, TEN FUCKING WINNERS. Each will receive one piece from one of the following artists:


  • You must be following me. New followers are absolutely welcome, but the point of this giveaway is to celebrate my followers.
  • Ten winners will be chosen using a random number generator.
  • Winners will be chosen on February 20th, 2015.
  • You must respond within 24 hours of being chosen. If you do not respond, I will redraw another winner. Them’s the breaks.
  • Both likes and reblogs count as entries. You may reblog as many times as you’d like. Go ahead, annoy your followers! I don’t care. (I do care. Don’t be That Guy). No sideblogs or blogs made just for giveaways, though.
whats up everyone this is cr1tikal and oͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦoͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦoͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦ

anonymous asked:

I got really freaked out by the game "imscared" today; mainly the ending where the ghosty guy says "when you look, you can always see me" and all these comments about "afterimages" (where one can see a black-on-white image after staring at it for so long). Since he's basically that, it happened, and then the ending entails you (the player) to commit suicide to be free of him, and now, much like the title, I'm scared and freaked out (doesn't help I'm sacred of death and suicide).

:( If you need to calm down, try this website which has guided relaxations and calming images. If you want to stop being scared, my best suggestion is to watch Cr1tikal’s playthrough of it. He’s basically making a joke about it and it’s actually kind of calming. 

-The Canadian One

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Cr1tikal's Assassin's Creed Unity is Haunted has been removed, I repeat, Cr1tikal's Assassin's Creed Unity is Haunted has been removed.

Really?????? Well I have it downloaded so it’s not gone forever. Unless cr1tikal himself took it down for some reason.

Why has someone not hired cr1tikal yet to actually make infomericals. I would buy whatever it was on the spot.

  • if cr1tikal were a personality core (deep voice fix)

I’ve noticed that the way cr1tikal talks kind of resembles an Aperture Science Personality Core

I GLaDOS-ified his voice from this video and I have to say I think it works (aside from my own lazy editing)

edit: main complaint is that his voice wasn’t deep enough. i fixed that now!