Cr1tikal is, honestly, one of the best LPers I know. Not necessarily for in-depth walkthroughs–for humor, yes. But the thing I admire most in him is how he approaches LP and monetization.
He does it because he loves it, I feel. He almost never mentions money, nor does he try to make money off of it. The way it’s set up, his viewers don’t give him money for watching his vids (which is the way it would be if he took some of the ad money); he only gets money if people actively go out of their way to give him money on his Patreon. The Youtube money, which is incidental, goes to charity.
And that’s really fuckin’ sweet of him.
I remember back when Nintendo was copyright-claiming LPs of their games, taking some of the ad revenue for their own. I think they’re still doing that–I just remember; back when it was a controversy, people were really mad, saying “what the hell Nintendo? Why are you taking my money?”
But it’s not really their money, is it? It’s just ad revenue generated by people viewing the videos. And at the time, people acted like they were entitled to ad money, like “I deserve 100% of the money for talking over a video game that I’m playing”. I guess, sure, if you file it as entertainment, then the entertainer should get a cut.
But Cr1tikal’s never been like that, even though he very much fits the bill of an entertainer. He’s never acted like he was entitled to ad money; he’s actively given it away. And now, with his Patreon setup, he’s still not “entitled” to money–he doesn’t get any money–unless people actively and willingly give it to him to support him.
Some other people treat it like a job, like they have to do this–and again, it’s within their right to do so, as entertainers making quality content. But Cr1tikal approaches LP like it’s fun. Like it’s just a fun hobby to make videos, and the money generated is incidental to the entire thing. Like if it’s a sustainable living, then great–if it’s not, then no big deal; keep making videos. It reminds me of the very first LPs, screenshot albums, made on the SomethingAwful forums. They didn’t do it for money; they did it to show off a game that not everyone had the chance to play. And they only did it because it was fun. And I’m glad to see that, even seven or eight years later, that spirit of just having fun still lives on.
I dunno. Maybe this is a bit too sappy. I wasn’t on the internet when LP first started, so maybe I’m getting this all wrong; I know that since I’m not an SomethingAwful goon, I don’t really have the right to talk about them. And I know that it’s a bit presumptious of me to assume the “true” or “original” spirit of LPing; as an end viewer, I don’t truly see motives, only the end product.
But I think Cr1tikal is a cool guy, I guess. Eh makes videos and doesnt afraid of anything.


dragon age 2 au in which everythings the same except fenris is voiced by cr1tikal

Discussing Critikal playing Bloodborne
  • Unclemuskulls:Oh dude did you see Critikal play Bloodborne?
  • Me:No but I'm already interested.
  • Unclemuskulls:He made a character called Big Moist. It's so great. Just search "Big Moist."
  • Me:*Searches Youtube for "Big Moist."
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:This is just a lot of foot fetish porn.

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Cr1tikal is an awesome man and deserves the best, so you better keep up this fan blog cause it's awesome. The best blog for the best disembodied voice!

Thanks! Actually it’s been just about 4 years since I’ve started this blog (◉◞౪◟◉ ) so I’m sure I’ll keep it up…

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what's going on with mark/gg??

its kind of a long story with mark, having to do with his makeup challenge i think? ppl thought it was transphobic and he reacted in a way people dont like? its probably easy to search about since its recent

but i guess since everyones shitting on one youtuber, they’re gonna shit on them all, so ive seen some ‘game grumps are shitty here’s every single bad thing theyve done since the channel has started’ masterposts pop up

i just…..ok…..they do shitty things but i think its kinda gross to do this the EXACT same time mark is doing a livestream to help donate money to a children’s hospital.…he obviously got his heart in the right place…..but i don’t wanna get into it,,,,,i dont wanna end up like those ppl who get bullied off tumblr so i’ll kinda just stay in my place………

Honestly, the only YouTuber I have faith in not being a bad guy is Cr1TiKaL, considering he’s been donating as much of his ad revenue to charities and the only reason he stopped donating 100% of his money is because he has no job and has been having money/legal issues 

Cr1tikal is like watching your weird old brother talk to himself while playing games, Markiplier is like playing on your couch at home with your best friend, and Achievement Hunter is like watching a sitcom

Cr1tiKal needs some support.

Ok so if anyone has been keeping up with Cr1tikal, you know he’s going through a hard time. TO sum it up, He talked in a video about how he’s been unemployed for a while and has been looking for a job for months and still can’t find one. And, as you know he gets paid from youtube for partnership where he donates ALL the money to charities. He said in this video that he would donate 50% and keep 50% to try and get himself on his feet again. However he released a new video in which he basically said he was getting fucked by youtube and not getting any checks since February. He has now decided to go to patreon to accept donations, another thing he is really against but has no other choice.

One way to help would be to donate to his patreon. Anoter way is to disable adblock on his youtube videos, that way whenever he does get his check it will be a bigger check, therefore more money going to the charity and more for him to help as well. And, finally, just to signal boost this to support and share.

His email is so you can send good vibes!