Short films and visual art: $10 gets you into the event and your work considered. There will be no commission on sold art and films have the chance to receive a $200 Audience Choice award to ProVision.

We’re thrilled with the art submitted so far and know its going to be a fantastic evening! 

Only 10 DAYS LEFT to submit!

Can for profit companies still do good? Can they make "good" art?

The Wall Street Journal reports that “fewer than 5% of graduates from many top business schools take jobs in nonprofit organizations right out of school.” They attribute this to limited career advancement and lower starting salaries.

However, these same MBA students are finding ways to do good and make money. Working at for-profit companies with social impact and switching to the nonprofit field later in life.

Can this concept be applied in the art world? What is the equivalent? 

Grads Do ‘Good’ for a Profit By Melissa Korn, Wall Street Journal, December 1, 2011

Safe Place in the Future (?) Dystopia Now Utopia Never has worked to be a temporary and delirious archive – a term inebriated in curatorial and artistic initiatives for the past decade – only to inflect the structure of the always resourceful institution of the white cube.”

Read this review on our past exhibition “Safe Place in the Future” and let us know what you think!