She’s naked! Just thought I’d swap out my fans for some corsair SP-120’s (green) and finally install my second optical drive. I switched cases from an Antec DF-85, to this new Raidmax Viper GX. The much smaller case (going from a full to a half) has provided a heat problem. So to solve it, I’m adding fans to bring me up to six. Hopefully this is the key.

Current Specs:
Corsair 750w PSU
Crosshair formula V MoBo
Corsair vengeance 2gb (x2)
AMD fx-8150 (3.8ghz)
Asus Gtx 670ti (2gb)
WD caviar black 1tb (x2)
M3 SSD 125gb

Haswell-E CPUs Added to the Guide



Intel’s latest enthusiast platform, the Haswell-E CPU family, has just been launched. There are three CPUs available: two 6-cores and one 8-core. We will not be getting into the details, as you can read more about Haswell-E over at Anand’s or Tom’s. One thing that you do need to note is that you will need to buy an X99 motherboard and DDR4 ram if you want to use the Haswell-E platform.

The good news is that the cheapest Haswell-E processor is only a little more expensive than the most expensive Haswell CPU. While this was true of SB-E and IB-E, the cheapest CPUs for those were quadcores, but the cheapest Haswell-E is still a 6-core. This means that there is an actual benefit from upgrading from Haswell to Haswell-E — at least when it comes to multi-threaded performance. However, lightly-threaded application performance (i.e. playing games) does not improve, as the underlying architecture is still the same, and the frequency has not gone up.

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