cptkarathrace said: chris shares 90% of his scenes with rachel, and yet the hummelberry stans aren’t on here bitching that there’s not enough hb/rachel/lea on ccn. such a complete lack of self-awareness.

lmao! right???

loved your reblog addition. hottest dyke in the game, haters can’t handle your tuna, etc. (sun)

cptkarathrace said: forever creeped out by “second chance” boy

lol ugh me too. i don’t remember if i specified when i told you guys this before, but he’s the same little fucker who walked up to me and pressed his whole body against me and started pseudo-humping me to get my attention one time.

he’s gonna grow up and be a douchey hyperactive Nice Guy gamer dudebro, i can smell it all over him.

but not if i can help it. doing everything i can to teach that tiny shithead how to respect girls, because i’m a fucking spectacular influence on children tbh.