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Claw is so fake. Jen's team probably wanted her to get papped leaving the concert otherwise she wouldn't have gotten papped at all. You know how Josh got out of the Beyoncé concert w/o getting papped just a lot of fan pics and evidence proves how jlaw was w/ him, well she knows how to get out of places w/o getting papped so this was no doubt a PR stunt. Also the Coldplay concert in London, she got papped leaving then Josh didn't. I think this claw BS has been planned for months honestly


I think you’re right!! I mean how can Jen menage to hide from the cameras for almost 2 months (i don’t really thing she stayed at home that long) and suddenly goes out to a CP concert and there are pics everywhere ?! She’s smart ,she can stay out of sight if she wants to. So ,that basically means that she doesn’t want to ! She wanted to be papped outside the concert in Vegas….
It smells like PR stunt to me. But we’ll see :))
Slow claps to Liz and the PR team, btw. They’re doing a really…..interesting job lately.

Is there a CP already called “The Butcher” or “The Bloody Butcher”? I ask because it’s relevant to KK she uses a butcher’s knife to dismember people if you’re curious

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My head is pounding as I'm reading the comments of his fans still supporting him saying "The stories are probably fake". If they were fake, why hasn't he said anything in defense? Why hasn't he said anything AT ALL? It's because he's hiding something. But the fans are too blind by their love for his CP's to admit that he's a bad person and that makes me sick.

What if the cps traded clothes and went as each other for Halloween. EJ and Slendy stay back to give kids candy and teenagers hot chocolate after pretending the mansion was haunted

Aelita is so freaking cute I’m gonna die

her color scheme is like the cutest pink then there’s the hoodie dress thing with pom pom tassels I can’t even handle it


Its hard to see but thats an A aND HER SHOWER BAG HAS A STRAWBERRY ON IT I CAN’T

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Love your picture with your leg braces! I have CP and wear one brace like yours. Tbh you getting married gives me hope that a guy will love me one day thanks for blogging about your disability gives me strength & comfort <3

THIS MADE ME CRY. You are a wonderful wonderful person, and you have no idea how much this means to me!

You will meet someone who loves you for who you are - braces and all. Before I met my guy, I didn’t think it was possible - you know, getting married and having kids and settling down. I built my life around loneliness. I decided I would move to New York, be a writer and adopt pets. I drove everyone away out of fear and held on to the idea that I would be a bad wife, and better off alone.

Then I met this boy who kissed the curve in my spine and the crook in my leg. Who helps me cook and get my braces on when I’m tired. Don’t ever give up your hope of meeting someone. Of falling in love. Because it might just happen while you’re booking your flight to New York.

Have a lovely day, and please feel free to message me! Stay strong


The Madwoman’s Revision Technique

As with all things writing, there are about 10000 different ways to do anything. But my WIP is on a tight deadline, so I developed this technique to revise thoroughly and quickly.

If you want, you can check out my outlining technique to see what I did on the front end to reduce revision. Then follow me down the rabbit hole of madness!

Step 1: Get Input While Drafting.

I had a workshop group for my WIP, but you can also do this with a critique partner. There are a lot of forums/blogs that offer CP services, but a particular favorite of mine is Ladies Who Critique.

As I drafted, others’ feedback kept me motivated and kept my manuscript moving in the right direction. By the time I got to hardcore revision, I found it extremely helpful to have pockets of story that have been intensely revised already. It gives me little boosts of respite.

Don’t get totally bogged down in this—definitely keep drafting until you have a complete manuscript—but also be willing to do some work as you go. Your future self will thank you.

Step 2: Make Sweeping Analyses.

There are a few ways to get a sweeping look at your manuscript.

Option A: Read ALL the manuscript!

Print it out (or toss it on your Kindle) and set aside a day to read it front to back. The whole thing. Take notes as you go—any inconsistencies, any big spots that need work, anything you notice, track it.

Option B: 30 Pages

I recently found this post about revising your novel at a glance, and I love it. The basic concept is you make your book fit on 30 pages and you turn it into a carpet. I used my 30 page exercise to track all the subplots that I knew weren’t working as well as they could, and it was immensely helpful. But you can also use it to check the balance of dialogue vs. internal thought, or even to see what scenes might need to be cut.

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CP sally: *tugs on Dolls sleeve* will you play with me miss? *she has dirt and her own blood on her pink dress, face, long brown hair, her legs and her socks, she also has green eyes and is holding a teddy bear*


"Oh. MY. GOD…"

Doll is petrified. It’s as if she is having war flashbacks or something because she has no way to defend herself- and this is like staring a tiny Satan in the face.