Is Saying Victim Failed to Protect Children Another Form of Victim Blaming

A mother finds herself in a domestically violent relationship and she has children. Child protection becomes involved and discover that the children are either being abused directly or are witnessing the abuse. CPS turns to the mother and tells her that she has a responsibility to protect the…

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Highly biased Child Protective Services interview with father in custody battle.

From the guy himself:

This video was taken during an hour long interrogation of me, microanalysing my every otherwise perfectly normal interactions with my daughter, and somehow trying to spin it to make it look evil and incompetent. These were not helpful suggestions or counseling, but edicts imposed upon threat of, and in fact the eventual, removal of my daughter from my life, which they did 5 days after this video was taken.

Their charges consisted of my going to McDonalds with my daughter (5 times in three months), having chicken McNuggets, letting her have sugar-free soda and decaf coffee, weighing her on our bathroom scale, and responding to her alarming symptoms to an unknown medication by trying to look it up on the internet with her.

For this, they filed a petition in Family Court and took her away from me, slapped a restraining order on me to stay away from her, and effectively gave her mother custody without a custody trial. It should be noted that none of the things they charged me with constitute neglect, and are in fact normal parenting discretions and care that millions of parents do with their kids every day.

The fact that this specious court action against me was effected right in the middle of a custody dispute was no accident, and was timed to affirmatively interfere in that proceeding, so as to prejudice the proceedings against me, and give de facto custody to the mother.

It might be noted that this particular charge was eventually overturned, dismissed and sealed on administrative appeal, but only after months of my child being taken away from me during which time I was viewed by all I knew as a suspected child abuser. It might also be noted that it was the second of three cases CPS has, so far, launched against me, all either dismissed or found in my favor.

Listen to the CPS agent right here:

"your wife does not have to tell you about any medical needs that your child has"

Now, I understand what the CPS agent was improperly trying to say was “Your wife is not legally required by law to inform you of any medical information concerning your child”. Unfortunately she appears to have worded her intended message very poorly. I also feel that throughout the entire meeting she was very unprofessional and responded to the father’s opinions in a biased manner while also failing to action any of his concerns. Especially since she’s in no way legally prevented from sharing medical information either. This seemingly articulate and intelligent man would have to be pretty awful to warrant that sort of treatment, but being that awful typically precludes any sort of custody at all. I can’t think of any halfway decent reason why anyone should be allowed to hide the medical history of a 7 and a half year old from a parent who still has custody or visits of any kind. Or more importantly, why they’d feel there would be any benefit to the child from doing so.

You can tell from her body language, she had it out for him from the onset. He was only concerned because his daughter said her heart was hurting. That is not normal for a seven year old.

This man was being treated like a criminal for being worried about his daughter.

Former United States Senator from Georgia, Nancy Schaefer, released a report in 2007 entitled “The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services.” This report highlights the downfall of Child Protective services nationwide and calls for immediate change. Five years later, these atrocities are still being committed. For the full report, please go to:

To help put a stop to this abuse of power in South Dakota, specifically for the Lakota children, please become a member at:

The Other Price

One of the more exhausting things that I’ve been through in recent months — the most recent months — as I’ve been coming out of the abyss, as Dr. Kate says, is trying to piece back together friendships and relationships that were allowed to go fallow because I didn’t have the energy, or because I was stepping back to let those people work on their lives without having someone dragging them down in the state I was in.

The latter sounds really horrible when you put it like that, doesn’t it? But it’s really what it comes down to: you realize that you are a potentially huge weight to someone who’s working hard to get what they want out of life — finally getting that — and letting some slack in that distance between you. Then one day you turn around and find they’re like a balloon, so far out of reach that they’re up there in the sky, a tiny little speck of color, and you’re not even sure you have hold of the string at all.

And, of course, it isn’t as though people were standing still while I was putting my shit back together. They were doing their things, living their lives, achieving their goals, growing and changing. So now as I’m turning around and realizing that there’s distance there which wasn’t there a year and a half ago, that someone(s) I was dearly close to are people at the end of that proverbial string, the question is: are we even friends anymore? Is there a *there* to find?

It’s an incredibly painful realization, that the cost of what I’ve been through may be that I’ve been a shitty friend, both due to disconnectedness and to pain, and I have definitely, and may have lost more friends than I know as a result. That’s a price that I didn’t count on paying.

Soul! soul! for an apple or two!
If you’ve got no apples, pears will do
Up with your kettle, and down with your pan
Give me a good big one, and I’ll be gone

The streets are very dirty, my shoes are very thin
I have a little pocket to put a penny in
If you haven’t got a penny, a halve penny will do
If you haven’t got a halve penny, then God bless you!

"Just for future reference next time y’bloody drag me into this…I REALLY don’t like raisins. Or currants. None of that dry fruits. But, thanks."

anonymous said:

Hi, I'm not sure this is the right place to ask but you seem to know about it, my question is who/what is Christian Pure Spy? I see him a lot


(Image by mit-332)

Christian Pure Spy was a fan character created by Korean artist mit-332, depicting a Spy wearing all white, no tie. The concept behind CPS was what would happen - if I read it correctly - if the RED Spy that follows KelThuzedMadness/Kekas Van Normundy’s Christian Brutal Sniper around would die and be resurrected from the dead. 



(Images by johnny217 and pybun)

Interestingly enough, Christian Pure Spy being implied to be the RED Spy is something often left out in fan interpretations in this pristine white Spy. Further interpretations from roleplayers as well as many artists have also lead to the “Christian” within Christian Pure Spy to be interpreted in a religious context, despite how mit-332 stays faithful to how the Christian aspect of Christian Brutal Sniper was never really meant to be religiously tied in. 


(Image by silsol)

Aside from being created in mind as a close friend, love interest or shiptease, the appeal for Christian Pure Spy - especially put next to Christian Brutal Sniper and considering his Origins backstory - was that CPS was the antithesis to CBS: pacifist, peaceful, and positive. And for a guy like that to hang around a crazy cannibalism-implied psychopath like Christian Brutal Sniper - that was the biggest appeal. It was Heaven and Hell, it was an Angel and a Demon, it was Day and Night, it was Water and Blood. This was easy to get mixed in with the religious interpretations of CPS from artists and roleplayers.


(Image by FlamingHammers1997) 

This is why very often, Christian Pure Spy was seen with Christian Brutal Sniper - not too often was he seen as a rival, but there were quite a few that liked to interpret Christian Pure Spy as a rival instead because of just how different he is. This came around when Pybun released a Christian Pure Spy skin for BLU Spy for TF2 a good while back and somebody got their hands on it and hexed it, and the Freak Fortress fans started raising protests against CBS having a love interest, arguing CBS’ character was far too heartless and careless about humanity to deal or get the attention of somebody like CPS.

There was also some controversy about the religious interpretations of CPS interfering with how we were never supposed to figure out whether or not the “Christian” in Christian Brutal Sniper was religious or not (it was implied he was but no explanation was ever given up until Origins, in which one could say Brutal Sniper is Christian because of his resurrection). This, combined with such a peaceful, pacifist personality as well as him being “sidekick material”, might be why CPS never really broke through into the Freak Fortress world when Gentlespy and RED Spy were already there.


(Image by uberchain)


(Image from blukoala, cosplayer is OrphanHooligan)

Christian Pure Spy not breaking through into the GMod/Freak Fortress scene was not something that deterred any of the artists who really liked him, however. Fanart continued being made from drawing artists, Gmodders, and even the Source Filmmaker folks jumping in on the fun. Fanfic and roleplays continued onwards, and it even got to a point where there was cosplay of Christian Pure Spy!


(Image by witchyAZ09)

Eventually, this religious interpretation was enough to have Christian Pure Spy debut in a Gmod Freak Fortress series, known as DW vs TK vs CBS. A collab by Lemurfot (famous for their freak, Team Killer, as well as their slasher horror-movie grunge stop motion storytelling) and witchyAZ09, the series takes Christian Brutal Sniper and Christian Pure Spy, partners them up with the antitheses in mind (leading to implications of head-clashing going on behind the scenes) and re-imagines the original concepts for the sake of their story: CBS is a maniacal, unsympathetic strong murderer who loves the heat of battle and is not afraid to challenge somebody who is supposed to be Satan’s daughter, while CPS is depicted as a stoic but pacifist priest with some interesting powers of his own, Lord-given to him in case he has to resort to violence, that he’s able to SUPPRESS the rage of Satan’s daughter at one point with the power of Christ. 

To sum it up, I’d say that at this point, the popular interpretation of Christian Pure Spy that a lot of people like to use might not be entirely mit-332’s original concept of a pure white lover who was resurrected the same way as somebody who was a dear friend. Hell, not everybody’s interpretation of CPS is the same as this dude’s interpretation of CPS, or this chick’s interpretation of CPS. Even his clothes change every now and then: is it just a white shirt? A white tie too? Is it a white cassock with or without a gold cross? How about the full-on priest cassock? Hard to say, it seems to differ from artist to artist.


(Image by pybun)

However, there’s a couple of things that remain the same for the interpretations: that pristine white coat and that sweet, doting personality so very contrasting to the insanity and bloodthirst of Christian Brutal Sniper’s. And whether it be as a friend, a lover, a partner, a friend, a rival or an enemy - and whether or not we figure out why on Earth CBS in the first place is Christian and whether or not CPS should actually be Christian either - that’s a lot of Christian Pure Spy’s appeal in contrast to Christian Brutal Sniper’s:


(Image by uberchain)

Heaven standing right next to Hell.

Chicago Public Schools Reassign Librarians, Endanger Freedom to Read

By Maren Williams

When Chicago Public Schools administrators abruptly decided last year that Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis was not appropriate for some students, the directive to ban it initially went to school librarians. But instead of following the order, some of the librarians quickly spread the word to teacher colleagues and citizen journalists, and told the central office in no uncertain terms that such an action would be highly unconstitutional. Within days the administration backpedaled, claiming that it never intended for the book to be removed from libraries but only from some classrooms. In light of this saga, it was very troubling to hear last week that Chicago schools are increasingly losing their first line of defense against censorship as librarians are reassigned to be classroom teachers.

Chicago has more than 600 public schools but only 254 full or part-time librarians. That number has dropped precipitously from only two years ago, when there were 454 librarians in the district. But the loss is mostly not due to attrition; instead librarians are simply being moved into jobs they never intended to have. This is possible because in Illinois as in most states, public school librarians are required to have teacher certification. Most librarians also hold a Master of Library Science degree, but since there is no equivalent at the undergraduate level they hold a Bachelor’s in some other subject area like English or Education. So when budgets are cut, principals and school councils see librarians as unused teachers who might as well be in the classroom.

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