TVLine: Bosses Tease Secret Finale Scene, Tackle 'End Date' Topic

Almost a year to the day that Once Upon a Time surpised viewers with a parting glimpse of Queen Elsa, the ABC series this Sunday will uncork another top-secret season-ending scene.

But unlike a year ago, this filmed-in-secrecy twist won’t introduce any familiar fairy tale face but a different kind of surprise element, one that will have repercussions for Season 5.

“There is a top-secret scene that I’m shocked hasn’t got out — but there’s still time!” Once co-creator Eddy Kitsis tells TVLine with a knowing laugh. “We’ll absolutely be setting up what Season 5 will be, but unlike last year where it was, ‘Hey, it’s Frozen,’ or the year before which was, ‘Hey, we’re going to Neverland,’ this one will be much more like Season 1 in that it’s a condition of the show that changes and has ramifications for everyone.”

Adds co-creator Adam Horowitz: “If we zigged in the past, we’re hoping to zag this time.”

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Tokyo Ghoul Terms
Quinque | クインケ
A Quinque is a weapon that is fashioned from a ghoul’s kagune. Manufactured from a ghoul’s kakuhou, the quinque emits electrical signals that stimulate the kakuhou to release and control the kagune. The quinque can be made into various shapes like axes, guns, shields or blades to a degree, but most still retain some characteristics of the original kagune. In rare cases, a quinque can also be fused from two kagune. The most notable of these chimeras belongs to Akira Mado, combining the koukaku and bikaku styles into one effective weapon.
Also is worth mentioning the quinque, ‘Arata’, an auto equipping armor created from the Kakuja of Arata Kirishima.