Program Overseeing

Let’s remember first that a Program is “a group of related projects managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and control not available from managing them individually”. Interpreting the definition, there are actions that could be taken in order to improve the whole result, even though some of these actions could be bad for a project in particular. In this article, I’m going to explore the basic actions for a program.

I have used certain common graphs to oversee programs for years that I’m going to change in this article, in order to present a new graph that bears in mind concepts of “earned schedule”.

In the following graph, every bubble is a project. As it was explained at definition, I have replaced the x-axis by SPI, calculated as ES/AT instead of EV/PV. Otherwise, using the classical definition of SPI, every project is going to finish over the y-axis. Using SPI=ES/AT, the final position of a project will be determined by the time performance.

In this graph, the size of a bubble is determined by ETC. According to this, every project is going to end as a point.

In the following quadrant, we see the result of a bad estimation or a remarkable execution. In any case, it’s better to analyze details because there is an opportunity of improvement. If the EAC confirms the tendency, my recommendation is to cut budget of the yellow project as a formal change control and increase the budget of the red project in the opposite quadrant. With the increment of budget, the red project should “buy time” that means to use the new economic resources to improve the time performance.

In the following quadrant, we see a more common situation. The blue project has a bad cost performance with a good time performance. If the EAC confirms the tendency, my recommendation is to “sell services” to the green project in the opposite quadrant. It means that blue project is going to be delayed because of a new charge of work, but this is not a problem. In return, the green project is going to release the economic resources that the blue project needs. Both changes need to be formal; otherwise we are going to patronize a bad practice: scope creep.

The last recommended actions are only ideas for an hypothetical ideal situation. Not always the proposed changes can be done. Naturally, the program manager needs to apply his own criteria after consider the real conditions.




Digital Graffiti

Urban culture, such as graffiti art, is gaining a new sense of, dare I say, respect in the contemporary art scene. No longer is graffiti art solely a hooligan’s trademark; now artist’s such as Banksy are celebrated and their artworks can go for millions.

It is a step in the right direction since (most) graffiti art is the ultimate form of self expression. No limitations via a canvas. The world is their canvas.

Gallery spaces are now turning into sage places for artists dabbling in graffiti inspired works via digital painting, or even graffiti artists themselves. On July 19, 2013, Wall Space Gallery will be hosting such a graffiti inspired event, Night Light Masquerade, which will feature live digital art painting from artist Stefan Thompson, projections from Samuel Arsenault-Brassard, and mural painting from WXRDS GNG, with CPI acting as DJ for the event. A cornucopia of urban delights. This mixture of digital art and technology is an homage to the style, process and scale of graffiti art.

Truly worth giving graffiti art a second chance.

Anna Paluch

Not much news flow that’s really news out of China. There’s plenty of media content hitting the wires concerning the August CPI number being lower than July, thereby allowing China to stop the tightening regime and perhaps look towards loosening up economic policy.


Dublin, Ireland: Solidarity with Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine meeting and campaign launch, July 5, 2014.

Yesterday, we held a very successful meeting in Dublin in solidarity with the antifascist resistance, and the brave people of Ukraine under constant threat from the fascist Kiev regime. 

Once proceedings got under way we were connected through a skype call to a surgeon who gave us all an account of what was going on in his region, and in his hospital. One of the main things he emphasised was the need for money and medical supplies, and how there are another 3 hospitals in the region too were medical supplies need divided around between them. We were also connected to 3 other citizens in Ukraine who all gave harrowing accounts of the situation there. Indeed, it was a very emotional and moving meeting for all concerned. 

We had a great contribution from the floor too with such questions raised as to how we can all help, and how we can combat against the lies being spun by the media. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Communist Party of Ireland for the use of the venue, and everybody for making the meeting possible, during this critical time in Ukraine. The process of launching a campaign in support of the antifascist resistance in Ukraine has begun, but again, we need all of your support to make it work. 

Solidarity to the People’s Republic’s, Solidarity to the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine! 

Photos and report: Anti-Imperialist Front Ireland

You\'re Kidding, Razor Blades and Gas

I was at Costco the other day and was walking down the pharmacy aisle when I remembered that I had to buy some more razor blades, you know the kind, triple blade, tiny little lubricating strip, the kind that you attached to a handle that vibrated. It works well.

But as I was walking over to pull the package of blades from its shelf I felt a weird and familiar feeling. I couldn’t quite place it at first. 

And then I it pieced it together. It was the same sort of squeamish gut punch I felt after seeing the “tens” digit on a gas pump go to a new number I had never seen go to before. When $20 something became $30 and then when $30 something became $40.

And staring back at me in the pharmacy isle was that same number. And these were the discounted big box store kind. It occurred to me that it cost me the same to shave my face as it did to fill my tank and go 300 plus miles. Or 40 bucks for 20 blades?  

They’re kidding, right? 

I don’t usually promote anything on this account, but I think there is so little circulating on this and it’s actually a really useful event. 

  • Meet College Coaches of and learn about some of the most prominent riding schools
  • Learn how the college riding system works and the options and opportunities available. 
  • Allow college coaches to see your riding in the format that you will have to ride in for most college competitions. And experience a similar format of college competition.
  • Meet people around the country that have similar interests and goals as you. 
  • And have the opportunity to visit WEF. 

Really it’s a valuable experience and something I think any equestrian considering going into riding on college teams should do this.