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Chicago PD l Season 2 Promo {Fanmade} 

Chicago PD will be back in a week, so watch in HD! This includes sneak peeks from 2x01 so don’t watch if you don’t want to be spoiled!!! I felt like we never really got a proper promo so when the sneak peeks came out i decided to throw one together, it’s my first time making one. I think it came out pretty good. There are some flashes in the video that i didn’t do, something to do with the rendering tried to fix it and re-render a few times but eh, It kind of goes with the music? Hopefully it’s not too annoying. oh well. Colorings a little harsh and the text is a little wonky but i still like it anyways. Let me know what you think!


Stanley Wrice, 59, gave a thumbs up as he was released from the Pontiac Correctional Center after Cook County Judge Richard Walsh overturned his conviction this week saying officers lied about how they treated him.

Not alone: Wrice was sentenced to 100 yeas in prison in 1982 after he says two former officers beat him with a flashlight and a 20-inch piece of rubber the same weapons, lawyers say the two implicated cops used on others.

Bom mesmo é deitar no colo de Deus e contar baixinho tudo o que se passa no coração. Sem se preocupar se guerras estão acontecendo ou se o tempo está passando depressa.
—  Cartas para Deus