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NHL Stars Pick Their Top Fantasy Goaltender

dampwetrat said:

Um... yeah. For some reason I can't unimagined you as a red coyote now. Mind you, it's for the purely selfish reason of wanting to see the fursonas of the bui brothers sitting on a couch playing Smash Brothers with their pokesonas as their characters. So meta...


Weh, there’s only room for four players though.

If you’re a comics fan—especially a Marvel comics fan—then Kelly Sue DeConnick (Avengers Assemble,Captain Marvel, and Bitch Planet) is practically a household name.

And, if she’s not, then you’re doing something wrong.

So, when Pretty Deadly came out, I was intrigued and excited: here was an original, indie comic from a writer I adore and drawn by Emma Rios, an artist with an amazing style that wasn’t commonly seen in the comics that I had grown up with.

Throw in Magical Realism, the Old West, and more mythology than you can shake a stick at with a fairytale narrative structure and—seriously—how could you go wrong?

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NHL Stars Pick Their Top Fantasy Defenseman