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Bob Cowsill, John Cowsill and director, Louise Palanker walk the red carpet at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.  Our documentary, Family Band: The Cowsills Story will screen here on Friday night, February 3rd, at 7pm.

Bob and John will appear with the Bob Cowsill band at Soho, following the film at 9:15.

Start driving now.  You can make it!


Marvel UK Returns in Your First Look at REVOLUTIONARY WAR: ALPHA! 

In 2014, Marvel readers should prepare for the next British Invasion. Starting in January, cult favorite Marvel UK characters return for an 8-issue limited series kicking off in REVOLUTIONARY WAR: ALPHA #1! Today, Marvel is excited to present your first look at that exciting first issue from blockbuster creative team of writers Andy Lanning & Alan Cowsill and artist Richard Elson! 

Long ago, Captain Britain, Dark Angel, Motormouth and the pantheon of Marvel UK Heroes believed they had defeated the shadowy Mys-Tech organization in one Earth-shattering climactic battle. But they were wrong. Mys-Tech has returned, and their presence threatens not only the world – but the entire universe! 

Now, Marvel UK’s greatest heroes must band together for the first time in 20 years to stop a long forgotten enemy.  But are they too late? The battle begins this January in REVOLUTIONARY WAR: ALPHA #1 and continues one week later REVOLUTIONARY WAR: DARK ANGEL #1 and various one-shots on-sale through February and March!


  • Cover by MARK BROOKS
  • FOC – 12/09/14  On-Sale – 1/08/14 


  • Written by KIERON GILLEN
  • Cover by MARK BROOKS
  • FOC – 12/16/13 On-Sale – 1/15/14
Beach Boys to play Israel on world tour - 29 November 2014

The Beach Boys will make a stop in Israel during a current world tour, one of several 50th anniversary tours organized by the legendary folk rock band over the last few years.
The band, which changed the way Americans rocked to rhythm and blues, will perform on November 29 in Tel Aviv’s Nokia Stadium.
Founded in 1961 by brothers Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson, their cousin Mike Love and friend Al Jardine, the only original musician still performing with the band is Mike Love.
The current tour is anchored by Love and Bruce Johnston, who joined the band in 1965 and Jeff Foskett, who came on board in 1981. The other musicians joining the tour are Tim Bonhomme, Scott Totten, Randell Kirsch and Jon Cowsill, all of whom have played with the Beach Boys for the last 10 to 20 years.
Local concert promoter Gad Oron is handling their stop in Israel.
Known for their vocal harmonies in hits such as “Kokomo,” “California Girls,” “Surfin’ USA,” “Good Vibrations,” “Sloop John B” and “Help Me, Rhonda,” the group has sold more singles and albums than any other American band in history, according to Billboard Magazine.

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Family Band: The Cowsills Story extra, raw, behind the scenes features are coming soon to Amazon Streaming.  Enjoy a sneak peak.

And watch the original film right here…

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Little Gracie Campaign SS 11/12 from Justin Griffiths on Vimeo.

Little Gracie Spring Summer Campaign 11/12 - The First True Blossom

Director of Photography - Justin Griffiths @ Vivien’s Creative

Assistant Photography and Editor - Amanda Wakelam

Ebony Harding

Claire McManus

April Rose Makeup

Hair Stylist
Jara Green

Emma Lindegarrd From Scene
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Conor McCombe

Music The Cowsills ‘The Rain, The Park and Other Things”

Family Band: The Cowsills Story (2011) #Documentary

Family Band: The Cowsills Story: The Cowsills are the real life inspiration behind The Partridge Family but The Cowsills’ story is not a sitcom. Their story is raw and honest, tragic and beautiful. The Cowsills personify The Baby Boomer Generation in all of its extremes and eccentricities. All of its tragedies and triumphs. Their public image was talent and charm. Their private reality was secrets and fear. One of the most musically gifted American Families to hit the top of the pop charts, The Cowsills rose to fame, success and stardom in the late sixties. Five years later, their star came crashing back down to earth. This year, you will learn what happened to The Cowsills.
Released: August 10, 2011 
Runtime: 90 mins

Genres: Documentary Biography Family Music
Actors: Shirley Jones, Waddy Wachtel, Brooks Arthur, Zach Glickman
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The Cowsills, For Boston

What I Believe

‘”HAIR” ✿ “LOVE American Style” ❤’ by The Cowsills
on this day in 2005, Barry Cowsill, bass guitarist for The Cowsills, died from injuries caused by Hurricane Katrina. His body was not recovered until December 28th, 2005, from the Chartres Street Wharf, New Orleans. He was 51. #cheese for obvious reasons…i have not watched LOVE AMERICAN STYLE in ages…i remember in the early 70’s the principal of our school visiting each class and talking about what an evil song HAIR was since it used the star spangled banner in an ‘inappropriate way’…in my mom’s school days sam cooke’s YOU SEND ME wasn’t allowed…things changed quite a bit