Green Time Lapses

While we were driving to the area just outside of Mombasa, I saw a herd of cows in such a beautiful greenery place, I tried to take a quick snap (as they usually don’t work on a bumpy road with a car going full speed) but I got my photo, sorta! I like the effect of the bump and speed had on it, its something…Different.

All Photos Taken By Yours Truly,
Luke Tigerr / Luqman A.


These two are week old Bobby calves rescued from the dairy industry. Barloo is the Jersey (Brown) and Oreo is the Holstein, both considered wastage of the dairy industry because they are male. Were rescued at only a few days old, there was meant to be another calf rescued, but he had already been sent to slaughter.
For cows to produce milk, they are artificially inseminated annually, which means just like any other mammal they need to give birth to lactate. Male calves are considered wastage because they cannot produce milk and are unfit for raising for beef. Each year worldwide millions of day old calves are slaughtered. Suckling on the fingers of the humans about to cut their throats open.
I took my mother to visit these babies today and she told me she will not eat meat anymore… I reminded her that these are dairy calves, it matters not if you Eat veal or beef, millions of babies are killed for dairy.
Please go vegan, it’s easier than you think.