Not going to lie. I am a fan of Tony Sparano. I am not a fan of Jeff Ireland. The nature of this sport seems to be the General Manager gets a bit more time than a Head Coach as he convinces the owner (Steve Ross in this case) that ‘there was talent on the team but they didn’t execute. Ain’t my fault!’

I’m coming to terms that the next few games will probably be Tony’s last as Fins Head Coach but I also hope they are Ireland’s last few too. From dismantling the o-line to drafting players way above their slot I believe Ireland’s time is done. If Tony goes then so must Jeff. 

The beginning of the end for the once Trifecta now Bifecta. Possible replacements? Jon Gruden would be keen but so might Cowher. Hell, Billick won a Super Bowl and he’s still sitting around on NFL Network!