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No god not another AU

So I finally watched DoFP and with Slow West is coming to theaters theres no going back

Charles Xavier is a super bitter Civil War Union veteran. He worked as a psychologist in the northeast before the war. After his knee got shot out and he nearly died of an infection he decided to leave the East and head West to find his sister Raven. He hasn’t seen her for years, not since they came to America together from England.

While Charles is busy limping out West armed with a rifle and an old fucking horse he has the fortune of running into cowboy Erik Lensherr, who has been living in the West so long the dust is in his blood (or something like that)

Erik doesn’t think this Englishman with a shitty knee is going to last very long at all so he sticks around our of the goodness of his heart (also Charles decides to pay him)

Mayhem ensues from there. Idk if powers yet or not. Also Charles has TERRIBLE PTSD because the Civil War was fucked. Erik thinks Charles is just some relatively normal dude (and Charles wanted to keep it that way) until someone burns their hand on some hot metal or in the fire or some careless shit like that and Charles breaks down at the smell of burned flesh.

Charles was at the Battle of the Wilderness where many of the casualties were sustained because injured men couldn’t crawl away from advancing brush fires. The screaming and the smell scarred Charles. He got his knee shot out at the Battle of Antietam and spent most of his time surrounded by dying, screaming men, terrified they were going to take his legs because the infection was creeping up past the wound (doctors didn’t believe in germs then, hah).

There it is. So much fun.


Interesting… I think the most well-disguised would be the purple-yellow-red bg reggae-poi Sho, but most kakkoi Sho would have to be the B&W moustached Sho-kun.  LOL.

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 18.04.2015

Cos I couldn’t leave this well alone.


This will never cease to crack me up. Freakin’ Jay Chou.

Great, it’s stuck in my head now. DX



- Hol Horse.
Ladies, gentleman and others: I present to you, a Hol Horse cosplay I made in about 4 hours. Everything except the tunic and sideburns I already had in my house weirdly enough.
This isn’t badly drawn but it is half-assed and I just took these selfies in my bathroom, so. I never thought I would actually do this but here I am. follow me at josephjjoestar for more cosplay shenanigans.

Eat your fuckin’ heart out, Steel Ball Run. THIS is what a real cowboy looks like.


tyler from cities and citizens came down to pound the yyc spring streets last week and could not stop going on about how flashy we are here compared to Edmonton. 

I see it too. the way the city is growing out of its cowboy roots. I think back, sometimes, to being a kid and riding the big old buses we used to have down to stampede in the summer and how provincial calgary felt back then. how it really just seemed to be run by cowboys a tiny bit uncomfortable in their shiny new duds. 

that calgary is gone and in it’s place is rising up a modern city that i hope retains some of it’s friendliness, and welcoming history. I see it beginning to look more like Vancouver and see more and more the giant class divide pushing those without ever farther from those with. 

I don’t know if all growth is good growth. I don’t know if you can fill a city full of people from other places and still have it remember what it was, but at least all the money and glitz makes pretty pictures. 

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"Dad, when you were my age what did you want to be when you grew up?" Seven year old Hamish asks John. "Ask your father first," John smiles hoping that after all these years Sherlock will finally admit that he wanted to be a pirate. "At your age I wanted to be a pirate," Sherlock replies. "And you dad?" Hamish asks again. "At 7, I wanted to be a soldier but before that I wanted to be a cowboy," John smiles. "I WANT TO BE A PIRATE COWBOY!" Hamish announces and runs off to play with his puppy.


Cowboys RB Joseph Randle won’t face felony charges in domestic case

Kansas prosecutors declined Wednesday to bring felony charges against Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle following a domestic disturbance at a hotel in Wichita, saying they concluded after reviewing the extensive police investigation that there is a lack of evidence to support them.

“The sufficiency of proof required in a criminal case is proof beyond a reasonable doubt,” District Attorney Marc Bennett said in a news release. “We find the nature of the available evidence in this instance is insufficient to meet that burden as to felony charges.”

The case may still be referred by police to the city prosecutor’s office for potential misdemeanor charges. Randle’s attorney, Gary Ayers, did not immediately return phone and email messages seeking comment on the development.

Ayers has long contended the allegations against his client “have no merit.” The Dallas running back has denied he threatened his former girlfriend or pulled a gun during an incident that led to his arrest on a marijuana possession charge that was later dropped.

Cowboys spokesman Rich Dalrymple said the team would have no comment.

The case stems from a Feb. 3 incident at a Wichita hotel where Randle’s former girlfriend, Dalia Jacobs, had gone that day so he could see their baby.

Jacobs told police Randle brandished a gun and broke a car window during the altercation. She filed for a protective order the next day, claiming Randle pointed a gun at a vehicle with their son and Jacobs’ friend inside.

Jacobs told a 911 dispatcher that Randle threatened her with a gun near their son and made another woman bleed. In the first 911 call, Jacobs urged the dispatcher to send someone quickly but not tell Randle who had called. A different woman made the second call. In the third, Jacobs said everything was fine.

Report: Cowboys not in running to acquire Adrian Peterson from Vikings

Last week, Dallas Cowboys COO and executive vice president Stephen Jones gave us a solid hint that the team was no longer pursuing Adrian Peterson, if they ever really were, when he declared that he couldn’t see the team giving up draft picks for any veteran player.

Now, NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reports that the Cowboys are completely out on the two-time NFL rushing champion. Rapoport broke the news on NFL Network’s “NFL Total Access” on Sunday night.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise. When Tony Romo restructured his contract a few weeks ago, saving the Cowboys almost $13 million against the salary cap, the rumor mill started working overtime as many assumed all that cleared space would be used to bring in Peterson.

But since then, it’s looked less and less likely that Dallas would pay the king’s ransom the Vikings are reportedly asking for a 30-year-old running back with a torn ACL in his past–particularly as we approach a draft that’s regarded as one of the deepest in terms of running back talent in recent memory.

Had to get in touch with our inner cowboy again.
(we have more inner cowboy than you think)

Top boots in grey: Clothing Warehouse $56
Bottom boots in black: Clothing Warehouse $59

Cowboy boots can run quite expensive, especially if you purchase brand new ones. These were from Clothing Warehouse which basically scours thrift stores for finer goods and puts them all in one store. These types of stores are GREAT for finding old cowboy boots that have the worn look while still being cute and durable.

'I Fit Dallas Cowboys Offensive Scheme,' said Miami Hurricanes' Running Back Duke Johnson

‘I Fit Dallas Cowboys Offensive Scheme,’ said Miami Hurricanes’ Running Back Duke Johnson

The Dallas Cowboys need to pick a running back in this coming 2015 NFL Draft, and the Miami Hurricanes’ Duke Johnson says he fits Dallas Cowboys’ scheme.

The 21-year-old Duke Johnson, who is the leading rusher in University of Miami history, was guest on NFL Network’s “NFL AM” on Monday and was asked what professional American football franchise he fits best his running style. And Duke Johnson…

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Cowboys RB Lance Dunbar, P Chris Jones sign restricted free agent tenders

The Dallas Cowboys have re-signed running back Lance Dunbar and punter Chris Jones to one-year contracts worth $1.5 million. Both were restricted free agents.

Dunbar worked his way into a change-of-pace role out of the Dallas backfield as an undrafted free agent out of North Texas three years ago. He had 362 all-purpose yards last season, topped by 217 yards receiving.

The 25-year-old Dunbar has a chance for an expanded role with NFL rushing champion DeMarco Murray’s departure to Philadelphia in free agency.

Jones has been with the Cowboys four seasons, the past two as the full-time punter. He had a career-best 45.4-yard average last season. His career net average is 39.5 yards.

Dunbar and Jones were the last of Dallas’ restricted free agents.

I have food and I love the way naoya travels. large confident cowboy steps, unless if they run and then it’s large rapid cowboy steps