I made a piano cover of Little Game by benjpierce! check it out pretty pls 


(via Ed Sheeran - Stay With Me - YouTube)

  • Ghost (Halsey cover)
  • Oceanna

Hey guys, my good friend ocean-wavezz is super super super talented and recorded this cover of Ghost by Halsey and I HIGHLY recommend listening to it, re-blogging it and letting her or I know what you think of it!

A little more insight into the physiology of life is coming from experiments made with the 80-foot-long biological spectrograph at Argonne National Laboratory (see cover). The spectrograph beams first-order wavelengths of light onto living tissue. Variation in the wavelength of light surrounding the tissue causes variation in the activity of the individual cell. The rates of cell activity are controlled by the wavelength of the surrounding light and are reversible upon change in wavelength.

Tests show, for instance, that ultraviolet light alters the mating response and metabolism of paramecia. This can be reversed by longer wavelengths such as blue-violet.

Newscripts: Big Beam Illuminates Cells

Chemical & Engineering News, March 28, 1960