This acoustic version of Verge is really good and it is a different spin to the original. The musician’s name is Grant Woell and go check out his YouTube channel under the same name.


The Electric Knife Orchestra Presents Stayin’ Alive

Sixteen knives and one meat cleaver…


Orchestral cover of Aina Mun Pitää, the Finnish entry to Eurovision 2015.

This is hilariously dramatic but at the same time very beautiful please watch it



Next To You (Strings + Piano)
  • Next To You (Strings + Piano)
  • Composer: Ken Arai - Arrangement: WWPC
  • Parasyte: The Maxim OST

The Orchestral Version of ‘Next To You’ from Parasyte: The Maxim OST. 

Again I was a little lazy on the sound mix because xxx complaints about life.

Other arrangements:
- Unravel - Tokyo Ghoul:

Finally, after countless hours of work and facing multiple recording issues due to my own ignorance of software (lol), I’ve completed my version of the main theme of “Interstellar”. I never thought my little $200.00 66-key Yamaha Keyboard recorded on Audacity would ever be able to produce the sounds and the quality heard in the following clip. That being said, the soundtrack to this movie (in addition to the film itself) is absolutely awe-inspiring, and the moment I heard it, I couldn’t pass up taking a crack at it for myself. So, I hope everyone who gets the chance to hear this can be as inspired as I was. If not, I hope at the least it sits well with you!


NSP Theme Song Orchestral Cover by Gooseworx

This video has less than 5,000 views, people.   Do you have any idea how wrong that is?  FIX IT.  Go and watch this shit right fucking now and tell Goose how awesome this is.  I’m totally being the anti-Levar Burton on Reading Rainbow right now: take my word for it, this video is goddamn amazing.  

I mean, lookit: it’s the NSP theme song covered by an orchestra.  That’s pretty much all I have to say.  If that sentence alone doesn’t tell you how freaking epic this is, then I don’t even know what ever could convince you.


Owl City - Wolf Bite (Cover By Lynz Munich)


Idec if I’m doubling on my posts of Pirates of the Caribbean music… the original is epic, this is also very epic-a ;o I’ll leave now.

There’s no pretentious egotistical joy like watching the end credits, and not only being able to name the song within the first three notes, but being able to jump up and shout “YEAH THAT’S RIGHT BITCHES ‘ARRIVAL OF THE BIRDS’ HAS BEEN ON MY TOP 25 MOST PLAYED FOR YEARS 

“…and I’m going to be much quieter now since people are staring and that outburst was neither warranted nor intentional…”