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Dinner and a move forward

Stacy and I have been dating sorta long distance for about 3 months now. We are both married with kids and full time jobs. On my last overnight trip to her area I had the wonderful opportunity to meet her husband for lunch. Recently he helped me via text arrange an adventure into the big city from my little city by train and bus transit. I got to surprise Stacy at a car rental shop and make the drive back to my area with her after 2 weeks apart. My husband also volunteered for a part to get me half way to the 1st train station and leave my vehicle closer to where she and I would stay.

She was traveling through my neck of the woods this eve and had my ipod and pillow to drop off…along with some much needed huggs for both of us. My husband had offered if she was OK with it she couuld stop by the house while he and the kids were there. Neither he nor I have ever introduced anyone we have dated to the kids (there is a co-worker I had an “adventure"with, far from dating, and my children have meet them in their professional role several times).I did not want the kids to meet someone so special to me in a protected role such as a casual friend. Nor was I ready to introduce them to her as my romantic gf. They are young but we have raised them to be be very open, loving, and accepting. (Heck when the adult topic of a possible separation between the hubby and I leaked to them through the elementary grapevine, the trio was more than ready to marry Daddy off again…to a boy if he wanted…and prepare for “the extra kids”!) He and I agreed on some ground rules (he’s even squeamish on PDA with me after 17 yrs) and she came to the house before we all went to dinner.

My children instantly loved her. I haven’t talked to the hubby explicitly yet,but the over all vibe us that he likes her and feels comfortable with her around the kids. The tour of the house was a production for the little ones, especially my daughter. Thankfully I rallied some family cleaning bustle done in preparation. Dinner went well and my kids are already planning for Stacy’s next visit…and ours to her! She and I hugged and walked arm in arm away from the restaurant. We gave a light kiss at the car in parting. This was not questioned by anyone.

There was an odd conversation on the ride home about the one kid declaring he was married to my pillow. First off, a sibbling waas outraged at this-there was NO ring. It was pointed out that mommy and daddy don’t wear rings (which has long been the case far before the time of pending contemplation of separation). Second, pillows don’t get married and people only marry people. The marriage defination was questioned. Love was the immediate answer. We wanted to be clear that just like you could marry anyone you can also love anyone but that you don’t need one to have the other. We also wanted to let them know they could love more than one person. I thought briefly about using tonight as an example but decided just to keep it simple for tonight, especially after it had gone so well.

Oh…and best gf EVER!!!! Brought a gift of trader joes dark chocolate peanut butter cups!!!!! Which has been stashed away just for the "big kids”.