Stephane Rolland knows how to enrapture his audience. The French designer consistently handcrafts captivating couture pieces - this makes it no surprise why he has a legion of A-List devotees as his clientele. Rolland assembles couture garments effortlessly as he balances the sharp, powerful aura of his collection with alluring sex appeal. 

In his A/W collection, Rolland has designed visionary gowns by carving elaborate cuts to create risqué flesh revealing pieces. The predominant colour scheme includes black, white, scarlet and burgundy red with dashes of vibrant tones. Rolland incorporates dripping gold chains, strands draped across the chest and belts held securely around the waist. Feather details gathered at the hem of a selection of gowns add magnitude to the exquisite designs. Sculptural attributes such as the branches protruding from the bodice exemplifies the reason why Rolland is unmatched to his contemporaries.   

Rolland’s trademark style of architectural voluminous shapes do not go amiss as he crafts fantasy gowns that come to life in his artistic hands. His clientele are women who desire to look provocative and to stir a sense of awe from onlookers. His adventurous designs convey fearlessness for women who dare to attract attention. 

His aesthetic appeal has won over ardent admirers that value his dramatic and eye-catching pieces. There is without a doubt astonishing brilliance in his skill - he knows how to form luxurious designs that are liable to shock and excite.