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this is wholly unrelated to plus size clothing, good or bad*, but i just made this pearl couscous “macaroni” and cheese and it was like, the best thing i’ve ever eaten and took *less time than kraft macaroni and cheese*.  i doubled the recipe, and it was under $5 for enough food for two big meals for two people who eat a lot.  it’s super easy to modify- think about it like a macaroni and cheese base; add peas, ham, hot dogs, taco meat, peppers and onions, hot sauce, etc.

alsooooo if you don’t/can’t eat dairy, it would probably be good with any kind of milk substitute (soy or almond milk or creamer, tofu cream cheese, tofu sour cream, coconut milk, etc.) and some nutritional yeast.  if you forgo any kind of milk substitute, it’s more like a risotto than mac and cheese (and also is just.. the regular preparation of pearl couscous but whatever).

p.s. you can probably find israeli couscous for $$ in the ‘organic’ section with the ‘near east’ products, or for $ in the ‘kosher’ section at a regular grocery store.

p.p.s. i’d normally never post this here but i am like, blown away by how quick, cheap, easy, and GOOD this was.

* it was kind of related to plus size clothing because i wear plus size clothing and eat like ‘baby’s first birthday’ so i got a decent amount on my plus size clothing.