I don’t understand why people add extra letters in their kids names. I understand it’s your kid, your choice, yadayadayada, you want it to look cool, whatever. But don’t act suprised when people can’t pronounce a simple name because you added extra, pointless, letters in. We all got taught how to read the same, so when I read Kaade I see k-a-aid, not Kade. See how that works?

This is about my cousin by the way. She gets pissed off when people ask how to say her kids name, Kade, because its spelt Kaade. I know how to say it because I heard her say it when she was pregnant, but every time I read it I automatically pronounce it k-a-aid. Why are you adding extra letters for no reason? What is the point of that? Myyla. Mylla. Mylaa. Courtneyy. Courtnney. Coourtney. What the fuck? That’s why people ask how you say it, because when you read it that’s how it’s read.