Gwen knocking the crap out of Merlin’s poor gorgeous head with a water basin. Nice catch in the second gif, Gaius.

I painted this whole thing, believe it or not because of the arc on the upper left. Since the first time I laid eyes on the design I fell in love with its beauty and the rest of the painting was just suppose to provide an atmosphere befitting of the arc. 

I also tried a new method of painting digitally on this one (thats where the funny colors come from), changed the color space from RGB to Lab for coloring from the greyscale of the piece. Still not quite used to the way Lab behaves in photoshop (or anywhere else as the matter of the fact), but I have realized that there might be some ways to actually get a decent coloring out of a gray scale without painting the whole thing over so I am going to keep trying to see if I would get anything.

At any case, the place is Isfahan, it was the capital of different persian dynasties and at its height was a center of knowledge and debates, still lots of the buildings are left and the arcitecture is turely awe inspiring. In anycase I added so much detail to this thing that I dont think any one would notice. 

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"Grief, or the plague, as the court physician stated, or, as some suggested, a swift Italian poison administered in a cup of spiced wine, slew, within an hour of her wakening, the white girl who had given him birth (…)"

Oscar Wilde doesn’t beat around the bush even in his fairytales. Truly inspiring


In such a rather small town, he didn’t realize it would be such a tedious job of being a messenger. He didn’t mind going around Camelot, beats loitering around in the stables, or in the kitchen all day. However, today he’d been feeling quite dizzy. He’d been trying to ignore the cold sweat while he ran around delivering parcels and what not. He found himself tired, deadly tired by the time he reached his final destination for the day: the court physician.

He left three slow deliberate knocks before opening the door, trying to talk - but found himself spluttering nonsense, looking paler than usual and maybe a little green, stumbling inside —

Merlin fanfiction

Hey everybody!

I have the plan to write a fiction about Merlin which the main charactere is a girl called Alaïs. Here the summary of the story:

Azalaïs, princess of Richeval, have to run away her kindgom after seeing it destroyed by Belira, a powerful demon of fire. She arrived, one day, in Camelot, and hide herself at the Gaius’s house, the court physician of the kingdom. Fearing of being found by Belira, she personify her as a Richeval’s peasant called Alaïs and start a new life in Camelot. The problem is that anything will happen how she hopes mainly when she discover that she has a powerful magic.

Do I have to write it or no?

Moreover, I’m French so, maybe, I made a lot of mistakes.


Marvel’s 1602 Issue 1 Cover & Page 4 featuring a member of the Witch Breed

the idea: the Marvel Universe began in the 1600s Elizabethan England. to quote Neil: We are dealing with analogues of characters that we know and love. We’re in a world in which Sir Nicholas Fury is the head of Queen Elizabeth’s intelligence organization. In which Dr. Steven Strange is her court physician and court magician. In which young people with remarkable powers known as the Witch Breed are being persecuted by the inquisition…Into this world, as issue one kicks off, there is some very strange stuff going down. Peculiar weather. People are starting to talk about the end of the world. The mysterious thing that may be a weapon and may be a treasure is being sent to England from the Last of the Templars. We’re not quite sure what it is, we’re not even sure they know what it is, but Nicholas Fury sends his top agent, a blind Irish ballad singer named Matthew Murdock, off to bring it back safely. That’s where everything begins.”

After the first episode, I feel like the whole thing was rushed…

I don’t know, it feels inadequate.

Merlin was sentenced to babysitting after saving the brat’s life. Which is more of a punishment than a blessing, really.

and this is just personal but honestly, what is up with the casting, all the characters looks like crumpled white papers. Can’t tell who’s who everyone looks so the same.