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whispers chekov's binder being a size too big and eventually he goes up to bones all flustered to ask if he could do something and bones gets him a nice fitting starfleet binder and helps him adjust it and gives him a hormone injection and a bandaid and a kiss to the forehead with a suggestion that he should get back on the bridge now before they crash or something in his absence

omg omg omg

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IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE!! WOOHOO! Hope you have a spectacular evening filled with cookies cookies and more cookies. Tomorrow you'll find out who I am!! That's exciting! CHRISTMAS!! -css

im so excited for christmas omg…omg

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[back flips over] trans man steve rogers. trans man steve rogers refusing to wear skirts or dresses back in the 40's. steve rogers cutting up dresses and using them to bind (since back then it wasnt common knowledge that its bad) steve rogers getting the serum aND BASICALLY THAT SO MUCH TESTOSTERONE IN HIS BODY THAT HE KIND OF DOESN'T NEED TREATMENT. STEVE ROGERS GETTING ACTUALLY SURGERY IN THE 21ST CENTURY AND FEELING HAPPY IN HIS BODY, I LOVE HAPPY ENDINGS I LOVE TRANS STEVE

IM YELLING thats amazing i love th

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Still celebrate Christmas? If so what are you getting?

yep, i still celebrate Christmas. Here most people without religious beliefs still celebrate Christmas, simply without going to church.

I really don’t know what I’m getting, I can only guess that my mum has something to wear for me. To be honest I myself don’t even have all the presents I need for my friends and family … late as always :D

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maybe katherine plumber + modern activism??

Katherine Plumber would be a hella feminist. She’d be the kind of person that called people out on their bullshit, even if it was someone she was close with. She would never tolerate any misogyny, racism, transphobia, homophobia, or any kind of prejudice and intolerance. She’s help her friends out with any strikes or protests if they needed it at the drop of a dime. 

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14 - Jim and Bones (because those two really need all the smiles they can get)

There are times when all Jim needs is Bones’ smile to brighten his day. He knows that Bones likes to play the grumpy card, but he’s a big sweetheart under all of it. The whole crew knows this, of course, but Jim is the most familiar with it. And, when Jim’s feeling down, all he has to do is mosey on down to the medbay and strike up a conversation with the doctor. Sometimes he’ll tell Bones a particularly funny joke that he recently heard, or compliment the doctor subtly (or, sometimes, not so subtly). He does whatever he can to worm that smile out of his Bones. And when he’s finally rewarded, he walks away with a huge grin on his own face and a warm feeling in his stomach. 

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like are you genetically male or female??? (again I'm so sorry)

uhhh idk thats kind of a rude thing to ask im “”genetically” female i guess but idk thats not really something you should ask people just so you knwo …

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headcannon where natasha is a MtF transgender which is why she wears such tight clothing, because it took so long for her to get the body that she wanted and felt comfortable in, and it looks damn good, so she feels like its her right to show it off. (not that anyone's complaining..) and is also why she primarily uses her body as a weapon, because if it put her through so much pain and confusion for so long, she's gonna use it to do the same to other people. TRANSGENDER NATASHA IS MY LIFEBLOOD

YES…………yes………dmab natasha is the Best

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I wish things were betters and I wish I could copy my body (I'm really flat chested) and give it to you. That sounds so creepy but I think you understand. Please remember that hurting yourself is not the answer; maybe wrap up in a fluffy blanket instead. Or rip up paper. Or make tea. Or make water balloons and throw them in the street. I love you. And remember things will get better.

haha, thank you :)