A Deep Thought From The Universe


Say a person is fortunate to live until the ripe old age of 75. That means they get 900 months on this earth to do ANYTHING they want. That’s right. ANYTHING. Especially the people who are capable, privileged, and free enough to read this online.

Say you are 25 right now, give or take a few years. That means 300 of those months are already gone. You now have somewhere between 0-600 left. How many, we don’t get to know.

0 at worst, 600 at best.

When I think about it in those terms, it really does go so fast.

The rest of this month will likely fly by. 599. Next month will fly by too. 598.

For this month, how many days have you put aside to do what you love most - to do exactly what you feel you are here on this earth to do? How many hours even? Is there room on the calendar, or does it keep getting pushed back?

This month is 1/900 of your life. YOUR life! How much time will you spend it watching TV shows that aren’t even that enjoyable? Complaining? Arguing? Moping? Comparing yourself with others? Worrying about criticism? Avoiding failure? Hanging out with people who don’t want the best for you? Thinking about what you don’t have? Doing stuff you hate to buy useless shit that doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of life? 

How long have you been living for some other day that will always remain as some other day?

Now, how much time this month will you spend in absolute bliss? As your highest self? In a place where you can honestly say there’s no place you’d rather be?

What really makes you tick? What freezes time? What makes you excited to get out of bed every day?

Four weeks pass. 597.

Four more. 596.

Oh, yeah, I was supposed to start doing that thing that day, but it slipped my mind and I put it off. 595.

Enough time has slipped by.

Today is Friday.

Do not let this weekend slip by without doing that thing.

Drop the shit that doesn’t matter.

Start now.

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TL;DR - “Yeah, get a sense of perspective, victims of sexual assault! It’s not all about you! There’s people over here who’ve had a leg blown off!”

I’ve always felt like the message that ‘you don’t need to be afraid’ is not the correct message. It’s OK to be afraid — there are a lot of things that I’m afraid of and it’s about walking through those fears…I think your nightmares are the gatekeepers to your dreams, really. You know, I do a lot of stuff in my business — I write and I act and I sing songs and I jump between all sorts of different material clearly. And it’s not because I’m born gifted and all of these things. I really believe that it’s because I’m not afraid. And I’m not afraid to be bad at something until I’m good at it. And I’m OK with things not doing well and other things being real successes so, I think it’s OK to be afraid and to work through it.
—  Jason Segel
It's a good life if you don't weaken

Life can be hard, and life can be cruel. Life can be unfair and life can be intolerable. Yet we continue to go on, to move forward, to grin and bare it.

I can not speak for all, or even most polytheists, even for GRP’s, but if any lines or sentiments from the lore has stuck with me from the very first moment I read it is those three qualities extolled by Cailte Mac Ronan in Acallam na Senorach to explain their longevity:

     ”Truth in our hearts, strength in our arms, fulfillment upon our tongues”

Strength was a necessary component of their (of our) survival, naturally for a warrior to reach a great age they would need remarkable prowess upon the battle field. Yet accompanying this virtue were two others, a love of truth and the maintenance of oaths. Both of these things also require strength, but a figurative as opposed to literal strength: strength of mind and strength of character, respectively. 

We, all of us, will struggle in our lives, will face hardship, doubt, fear, terror, grief and loss, so too death. Yet we are called to face such difficulties head on, to resist and to flourish. There are many sources of strength to draw upon, and this includes our devotion and trust of the gods. Yet this is not all, for the gods are great, but so are we.

For we do not rely upon the gods to pick us up when we fall, not when we are capable of doing it ourselves. We are good, we are strong, we are honourable and decent and capable of great things. I only wished that more of us could recognize what the gods already know.

For it really can be a good life, if you don’t weaken.

Boldly Enter In

No matter what we’re going through, we can boldly enter into the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. When do we ever not need Him? Therefore, we continue in Him and find our strength in Him. He is enough, and we are more than enough for Him.

Don’t let life steer you away from the Father if God has opened the door into His presence by the blood and body of Christ. God is calling us to be with Him and worship Him and praise Him. He has more grace for us, so let our hearts take courage and pursue Him and not draw back from faith.

Jesus absolutely understands what it’s like to be human, yet depend completely on the grace of the Spirit of God, fulfilling the will of God. And the same Spirit that rose Christ from the dead lives in us, and will also raise up our bodies by His power for His glory.