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She is Tahira Qazi, the principal of APS and mother of a very dear friend. I want you all to read this and know what a brave and courageous woman she was! Please rememeber her and her family in your prayers!

Here is brief translation for those who cannot read urdu:

She has been the principal of the school for the last 15 years. In 2012 she was awarded with the best principal award.

When the firing started security officers were able to save her and they brought her outside unharmed. Once outside she realized that not all children were evacuated. She went inside again just for them and those cowards killed her! And those cowards didnt stop there they burnt her!!!

Can you imagine the agony her family was going through, looking for her everywhere. They couldnt even recognize her body, they identified her from her jewellery!

She has 3 children one daughter and two sons. But what she did yesterday was what any mother would do for her own child.

Please remember her and her family in your prayers and may Allah ease their pain!

“In retrospect, I was completely high on dope during that time— I cannot remember much about it. I saw pictures of how I looked. It’s disgusting. I’m ashamed. There’s death and there’s disease and there’s misery and there’s giving up your soul … The human spirit mixed with certain powders is not the person, it’s a demonic presence.” - Courtney Love on that time she punched Kathleen Hanna at Lollapalooza

a lot of art is communicating an idea clearly. so you gotta the principles and elements of art (composition, color, expression etc) to portray the story you want the audience to get.

if they are getting something drastically different, then you gotta take a second look at it and put yourself in the audience’s shoes.

so it doesn’t really matter what level of skill you have as an artist (think about the stuff that gets viral on tumblr. it could be as simple as a sketch or very technically complex.) but those ideas are portrayed clearly and with an original twist.

Clarity is key.


Selfie AU: Henry’s estranged younger brother, Jeremy (Daniel Henney), shows up at Kinderkare Pharmaceuticals as part of its in-house legal counsel team. Eliza wants to help patch things up between Henry and his brother, but Jeremy ends up falling for her instead.

Based on chrisdwoo's awesome idea.


Courtney photographed by Vicki Berndt in 1991.

Says Vicki…

I had been experimenting with color infrared film. It is a medical film used to make images of skin and eyes. The veins show from beneath the skin! So, it is possible to get very beautiful images and/or horrible strange visions. Exposure is the key, so Courtney and I did some tests. She loved them.

Read more about Vicki shooting the cover of Pretty On The Inside here.

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if you don’t know how to characterize Courfeyrac, here’s a a rule that I think works pretty well:

no matter how you divide up the Amis (the let’s actually work on this revolution subgroup, the party! subgroup, the friendly and nice and happiness and kittens subgroup, etc.), he fits 

in every subgroup

and he’s wonderful and magical and perfect <3