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2-Piece Hanging Fashionista Home or Travel Accessory Bag Set - 1 Folding Case with Small Pouches (For Jewelry, Coupons, Makeup, Make-up) & 1 Folding Case with Larger Pouches (Bathroom Toiletories) Travel Accessory Case in Black and White Chevron Pattern

Product Features

  • 1 Bag has 26 Small Zippered Pockets & the other has 7 Larger Zippered Pockets
  • Made from durable polyester fiber material, tri-fold with a hunger inside. Folds up nicely in luggage.
  • Two velcro closure. Ideal for cosmetics, toiletries, jewelry, etc
  • Clear vinyl on the inside to see contents and is easy to clean
  • Bag Size: 11.5 inches x 25 inches when open. 11.5 inhes x 9 inches when folded closed
Important Upcoming Free Donut Opportunity

Arrrrgh, Krispy Kreme loves giving donuts away. September 19, 2014:


Talk like a pirate —> Get a free donut

Dress like a pirate —> Get a free dozen?!

I feel like the Denny’s tumblr would have something good to say about this. Is it friends with other restaurant tumblrs? Or maybe the Denny’s tumblr is just going to be in line at Krispy Kreme, talking like a pirate? 

$5 DIY Fall Wreath #autumn #pumpkin #leaves #fall #dollarcrafts

$5 DIY Fall Wreath #autumn #pumpkin #leaves #fall #dollarcrafts

I love simple, inexpensive, and EASY crafts!  The beautiful autumn season is upon us, and I wanted to transform my door, at the very least a little seasonal update…

I headed to hobby lobby and bought this grapevine wreath($3.99) on sale for 40 % using their weekly coupon.

I also purchased a plain wooden letter “B”…It was really cheap..less than $2 and then I headed to Dollar Tree and…

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Get it!
I donate a portion of all proceeds from my parties to the #nationalallianceonmentalillness
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Goodwill® Sale Delivers 5 Great Reasons to Declutter Your Closet


Getting organized is about making decisions, and sometimes we need help figuring out when to  let go of that sweater, shirt or dress that never quite fit. Here are some things to consider as you’re deciding what to donate during the Goodwill Sale, taking place September 17th through October 4th.

  • Make room for the new and useful: How can you get anything new if there is no room for it to go? And the things you use the most are harder to find and reach when clutter is in the way. The extra clothes are taking up space that could be for things you actually like and use.
  • Later might never come: Do you get stuck saying “I might need it later?” When was the last time you wore that pair of jeans or boots? If it’s been over a year — and especially if it’s been over two years — strongly consider the possibility that you may never use it again.
  • Save time and money: Is the maintenance of the item or the dry cleaning bills worth the enjoyment you get from it? When you factor in the bill to clean the item or the time caring for it, this kind of attention and time might be better used elsewhere.
  • Simplify your decisions: Are you overwhelmed with choices? Getting clear on your favorite items in your closet means that you’ll have better visibility to things you really use and wear, and ultimately save time and stress every morning. Fewer choices mean easier decisions.
  • Give “perfectly useful” items to others: The item might be “perfectly useful,” but is it useful to YOU? If you are ambivalent about keeping the item, would it make you feel better to know it was released to live out its full potential by meeting someone else’s needs and also helping the community? Donating it to Goodwill, for example, puts people to work! A bag of clothes may help provide an hour of on-the-job training. And jobs change lives. You can actually see the impact of your donations with the calculator at, and find your nearest donation center too.

Ultimately, one of the best ways to let go is to be grateful, acknowledge the role the item has played in your life, and then say goodbye.  If items don’t accurately represent who you are or who you want to be, consider donating them to Goodwill and making your surroundings support you in your current life and goals.

Visit the Goodwill Sale website to learn how you can get involved.

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Mama Thrift Treasures is reaping in the benefits of having a couponer in the family.

I went to Publix after volunteering to pick up some P O T A T O E S(fries) and I saw some Olay products that she uses on the clearance rack!

I went home and searched online for coupons right away!

So right off the bat, I am saving an extra $2.00. I could only print two Regenerist coups so the left receipt was a super winner. The receipt on the right was a second transaction.

The Olay products were esssentially BOGO!!

Why do I have it circled?

Well, there is currently a rebate going on that allows us to earn a $20 pre-paid card for our $50 purchase of Olay items!

Let’s do some math here.

Olay Regenerist SPF 15: $16.39 x 2

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum: $24.79 x 4

Retail Subtotal: $131.94

Purchase price after two $2.00 off coup: $61.97.

BUT HOLD ON! I mentioned a rebate.


If Mama Thrift Treasures did a bit more planning, a portion of that $61.97 can be split into another rebate(given we use a different address).

Grand subtotal: $41.97

Instead of a subtotal of $131.94, we will get it all for $41.97 after rebate and coupons!