Clearance section round up!

I thought it would be fun to check out some clearance sections for you guys! I’m not going to provide links for individual items, but I kept the product names on there so you can just type them into the search bar of each site to get to them. ^^

From Modcloth:


From AMIclubwear:

They have a 50% off coupon for their entire site right now, use code OMG50. The clearance prices below are with the 50% off coupon applied! But you still have to enter the code, don’t forget!

From Perpetual Kid:

Perpetual Kid is ALSO having a 50% off sale, but just on clearance items. Use code CLOSEOUT. The prices below don’t have the coupon code applied, so for instance, the pac-man wall decal would only be like $33.

Find more kawaii at Kawaii Finds!

Vegan UrthBox Review!

I’m super excited to review UrthBox’s vegan subscription box. UrthBox offers 4 different sizes of boxes filled to the brim with vegan, non-GMO, organic and mostly gluten-free, snacks, beverages and more (**they do sell non-vegan boxes as well - so make sure you select the vegan one)! They’re affordable too - subscriptions start at $9 per month and free shipping within the US.

I was impressed when I opened the box to find so many products I haven’t tried before. Out of the whole box, I had only tried two before. UrthBox would be perfect for someone living in an area that doesn’t have access to a lot of vegan options. And it’s like getting a surprise birthday gift - every month! It’s a fun and convenient way to try new vegan snacks that you may not have the opportunity to try otherwise. Great gift idea too!

UrthBox is offering Veganfoody followers $10 off orders with coupon code: CRUNCHWEEK

What was in the box?!
–> for a closer look at the products check out my YouTube video here.

Super 4 Baked Bean Bites Kale & Roasted Garlic (GF)
Made with white bean, quinoa, lentils, and chia. Wow! I’ve never seen a snack with so many healthy ingredients before. These are gluten free too!

Chic-a-peas Sweet BBQ Baked Crunchy Chickpeas (GF)
Super crunchy with a mild BBQ flavour.. these are addictive!

DipperZ Dehydrated Broccoli, Cauiflower & Carrot Crunchies (Raw/GF)
I’ve never had dehydrated veggies before (other than kale). I like these! Great cheesy flavour.

Cookies & Cream Flavoring Straws (GF)
Just pop one into a glass of non-dairy milk and it tastes like cookies and cream. Great treat for kids.

Dakota Style Savory “Bacon” Sunflower Kernels
These were tasty, but didn’t really taste like bacon to me.. more like onion and garlic. But I’m fine with that!

Just Great Stuff Superberry + Acai Bar (GF)
Wow these are good.. packed with good stuff like cashews, goji berries, cranberries, raspberries and dates. The only thing I think would make these better is if it didn’t have added rice protein. They have a bit of a grainy texture.

Goldbaums Multigrain Quinoa Crisps (GF)
Remind me of rice cakes.. they were ok but would taste better with some guac or hummus!

Mr. Popular Half-Popped Corn Kernels (GF)
I love this snack! I’ve never seen something like this before. Perfect sea salt to crunch ratio! hahah

Kale Krunch Quite Cheezy Kale Chips (Raw/GF)
I’ve had these before and love them. I just don’t buy them too often because they’re pricy. Nice to see them included in the box!

Go Nutty Cashews Sesame (GF)
Dehydrated cashews with a nice vanilla flavour.

Think Fruit Dried Pineapple Tidbits (GF)
Little pieces of sweet pineapple. OMG these are amazing.

TerraNut PNut Punch (GF)
Peanuts, oats and raw sugar cane = 4 g of delicious protein. I’ve got to find more of these.

CoCo Libre Coconut Water with Pineapple (GF)
Love this stuff! Super refreshing and not too sweet.

Real McCoy’s Sweet & Spicy Rice Chips (GF)
Whole grain brown rice chips with a mild spice.

So many goodies! Happy snacking!

UrthBox is offering Vegan Foody followers $10 off orders with coupon code: CRUNCHWEEK


there’s a perfect BarkBox for your perfect sized pup! choose between extra-small, small, medium, and large (dog size, not box size!)

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Yesstyle is having an awesome sale ^^

Here are a few cute pieces they have:

There are literally thousands of items available, you’ll definitely find something in any style you like, whether it’s specific like mori kei or fairy kei, or just generally cute. ^^

Plus if you’ve never purchased from yesstyle before, you can use the code KOREA3 to get $3 off your first purchase!!

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save big with BarkBox’s 6 month plan - Only $19/month + free shipping!

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