Follow the Blinkies

No, I wasn’t wandering a Kroger last weekend in search of food I could get for super cheap and then donate, but sometimes the stars align (stars being “blinkies” and “mega events”). 

Red Gold diced tomatoes were clearly marked as part of the ongoing Mega Event*, wherein the purchase of 6 participating items would give me an automatic discount of $3 on the total bill. The Mega Event alone would make the $0.99 cans of diced tomatoes each $0.49, but there was also a blinkie full of coupons offering $0.60 off every 3 cans. I only had to grab two coups from the blinkie—a tewtally acceptable and non-controversial amount from any blinkie, ever—to cover my six cans. 

*(What feels like) every two weeks, Kroger puts, like, 200 items on sale in a ‘Buy X, Get $Y.00 Off Instantly’ deal, and you can mix and match participating items.

Time for glorious coupon maths!

  • $0.99 x 6 cans = $5.94
  • Mega Event discount per 6 items is $3.00; total reduced to $2.94
  • Use 2 $0.60 manufacturer coups from the divine blinkie for total reduction of $1.20  =   $1.74 for 6 cans, or $0.29 each.

I don’t buy diced tomatoes much (and don’t much like them), so maybe this isn’t a stock-up price, but at about 30 cents per can, it’s certainly worth starting a pile for the food bank. I’ve been subsistence couponing for several months because I’m not making the time to put together big trips, and the real casualty is that I’m not over-coupin’ much for the food bank. Here’s to 200 lbs of donated food in 2015! That’s a lightweight goal (literally and figuratively), so don’t get too excited, but it does help to have a pound number to start the year.

So gave up on couponing for a while because I was hooked on rebates.. So I did a minor haul..
-Soft soap FREE from DT used $1 off qs.
-Toothbrushes .50 a piece from DT USED .50 cent off qs
-Toothpaste .25 a piece from DT used .75 off qs
-Loreal advanced haircare $3 clearance at Walmart used $2 off qs paid $1 a bottle! #coupon #coupons #couponing #couponfamily #couponing101 #couponcommunity #couponercommunity #couponingcommunity #free #freebie #freebies #freestuff #freeascanbe #freeisforme #freebiehunter and I still have 6 more soft soaps to get!!!!

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Please fire me. I recently had a customer come into the store after ordering in drive thru, demanding a refund. Why? Because his (plain) sundae was cheaper than the sundaes with toppings on it. The price difference is 19 cents.