5 Things to Stop Doing in Relationships If You’re Over 20

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Just as you have grown out of those A&F skinny jeans you wore in high school, it is also time to outgrow your immature relationship habits. The point is, if you are not a teenager, you should not treat your significant other like you were one.

Here are 5 relationship habits that should stay locked away in the drama-filled high school hallways:

1. Trying to Make Them Jealous:

Flirting with another person in front of your partner or crush in an attempt to make them jealous is a classic middle-school-kid move. Intentionally making someone whom you love jealous in hopes that they will appreciate you more is an immature way of dealing with the issues at hand. If you are upset with your partner, talk to them about your feelings, instead of hurting them by flirting with the bartender. If you have feelings for someone, do not play games. Be upfront, honest, and sincere about your intentions with them.

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