Melissa Zexter (b. Rhode Island, USA, Brooklyn, NY based) - 1: Doll’s Bed, 2014  Embroidery on Gelatin Silver Print  2: Veil, 2013  Embroidery on Gelatin Silver Print  3: Silver Surf, 2012  Embroidery on Chromogenic Dye Coupler Print  4: Blizzard Lovers, 2011  Embroidery on Chromogenic Dye Coupler Print  5: B Sides (Hand detail), 2013  Embroidery on Photograph  6: Blizzard, 2011  Embroidery on Photograph



Portal “Still Alive” played on IBM 5150 and Minicom TTY

Written in QuickBASIC, uses 300bps acoustic coupler for the TTY connection.


Magnetic Coupler:

1.   Take a piece of 1.5” plastic rod (Delrin in this case) and make the two halves of the coupler.

2.   Mill two 0.5” holes equidistant from the center of each until nearly through. The closer you get, the stronger the coupler.

3.   Press in magnets making sure that the poles are oriented for attraction. If you don’t mark the sides you plan to press in you will eventually mess up and make a coupler that is more of a repeller.

4.   Use two small buttons of 0.5” stock to press into the holes above the magnets. These plugs are crucial to maintaining the chemical inertness of the coupler.

5.   Drill out the centers and add set screws or machine a stub onto the disc making it the size needed to couple with the next part of your system. In my case I machined one side down to 0.25” so that it would slide directly into the springy coupler above it. 

  Now the load can be easily decoupled or can break itself loose in the case of a stuck shaft.


These are the cupcakes I took to class yesterday! I think I’ve finally gotten back in the swing of things… Now I just want to find couplers big enough for my large piping tips, the ones I have only fit the smaller ones.