Portal “Still Alive” played on IBM 5150 and Minicom TTY

Written in QuickBASIC, uses 300bps acoustic coupler for the TTY connection.


(via Olivetti MC-10 Acoustic Coupler MoDem - 1983 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)

classic modulator/demodulator…if you’re lucky - maybe 300 baud


Beehive and Honeycomb Cookies DIY

Hope you’re week is off to a productive start! I know my Monday already has me buzzing around…


Parchment triangles, decorative bag, #1 decorating tip or #1.5, couplers for securing tip decorative bags, toothpicks and/or scribe needle, food gel (black, brown, yellow, orange), circle cookie cutters, hexagon cookie cutter, bee cookie cutter, parchment paper.

Honeycomb cookies:

1. Bake hexagon cookies, bees and 4-5 circle cookies in different sizes.

2. Once cookies are baked and cooled, divide the hexagon cookies into three sets for applying three different icing colors.

3. Prep food gel colors with royal icing in a flood consistency. Note: If you are not familiar with royal icing, here’s a great how-to post.

I used brown, yellow and orange food gel. To get more muted colors, add a little bit of brown to each mixture. Once you’ve achieved colors you like, fill up parchment triangles (or plastic piping bags or bottles) for flooding the cookies with icing.

4. Outline the cookies and then flood them with icing. Even the icing out and pop any bubbles using a toothpick or scribe tool. Set aside the cookies to dry (4-5 hours, preferably overnight).

Little bee decorations for the hive:

1. Now, prep the icing for your beehive cookie decorations. You’ll need white, yellow (reuse the icing from the honeycomb cookies) and black. The black icing should be of medium stiffness, preferably in a plastic triangle bag with a decorative #1 or #1.5 tip for more detailed elements like the stripes and antennas.

2. Pipe your decorative bees onto wax or parchment paper and let them dry overnight. First, add the wings in a heart shape. Next, add the yellow body. Last, pipe on the stripes, and antennas. Set aside to dry, preferably overnight. If you make a lot, these can last a long time if stored in a sealed plastic bag or airtight container.

Honey bee cookie topper:

Now it’s time to decorate the honey bee cookie that will sit on top of the beehive.

1. Flood the wings in white.

2. Flood the body in yellow, reusing your existing colors.

3. Pipe on the face, antenna and stripes with black. Set aside to dry (4-5 hours, preferably overnight).

Beehive cookie:

Once the decorative bees have dried, it’s time to build your honeycomb cookie!

1.  Swirl your yellow icing on the top of each round cookie and stack them from large to small. Hold off on decorating the top cookie until the bee cookie is dry and ready to fly!

2. Once your bee cookie is dry, pipe on some icing in the back and stick a toothpick in it. Let the icing dry so the bee can stand on its own.

3. Flood the top cookie with icing and stick in the honey bee cookie so it looks like a bee is flying on top of the hive.


Armory AB3 clip part 3 .

Ok so in my last post I mentioned that some MOLLE sheaths I have here were just a bit too narrow to fit the AB3 clips  which is 27mm wide .

This isnt because the clips are too wide just the specific sheaths are designed around fitting tight to Tactical Tailor Malice clips  so thought I’d show my own sollution .

I love using my High speed Gear Tacos to hold my EDC knife and phone and the other CB sheath holds my Spyderco Manix  but there just a little to tight at the back to accept the AB3 clip so by piggy backing the clip off the Malice clip I can still use them with much faster on / off belt  capabilities . 

 To do this quick mod you will need 2 of the smallest kydex hardware screws and couplers . The short couplers need to be inserted first into the AB3 clip , its a tight fit  but if you use a small flat head screw driver you can manipulate them into the holes , then line up the malice clip and screw down tight .

Then just weave the end of the malice clip through the webbing as normal and lock back down as usual .

AB3 clips info here

 avaialable here in UK

The Birth of the Fool (Disc 1)

There are rare moments when you’re every bit as cool as you think you are. This isn’t one of those moments.

There are some moments when the stars align, when everything clicks, when the universe makes way for you like the Red Sea or four consecutive green lights on Denny Way in Seattle. There are some moments, however rare, when the perfect words drip from your chin instead of barbecue sauce, when your stride and gesticulation are snappy and confident, when your clothes fit you just right and you look…

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It’s the big two-oh. Episode 20 of Philosophy of the World is dedicated to the upcoming Big Ears Festival taking place in Knoxville, TN from March 27-29. Steve has to good fortune to be attending next week and Carr hates him for it. Nonetheless, they play some tunes and talk about all the cool folks performing at the incredible festival. It’s an eclectic mix ranging from the bleak industrial sounds of Demdike Stare, to the gorgeous melancholy of Max Richter’s compositions, to piano pop songs of Perfume Genius and the militant noodling of Omar Souleyman. The Bad Plus will be there with a jazz rendition of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, Steve Gunn and Ryley Walker with their unique brands of gorgeous country stylings, Swans with their crunching epics and the serene ambiance of Coupler. Get a taste of what’s sure to be a killer festival.

Download MP3 of the Show

1. Swans - “My Birth” (Buy from Young God)

2. Demdike Stare - “Desert Ascetic” (Buy from Modern Love)

3. The Bad Plus - “First Part: Adoration of the Earth: The Sage / Dance of the Earth“

4. Silver Apples - “I Don’t Care What the People Say” (Buy from Bully)

5. Omar Souleyman - “Dabke 2001″ (Buy from Sublime Frequencies)

6. Bing & Ruth - “TWTGA” (Buy from RVNG)

7. Perfume Genius - “Learning” (Buy from Matador)

8. Steve Gunn - “Drifter” (Buy from Paradise of Bachelors)

9. Max Richter - “Vladimir’s Blues” (Buy from Deutsche Grammophon)

10. Kronos Quartet & Wu Man - “The Cusp of Magic 3: The Nursery” (Buy from Nonesuch)

11. Ryley Walker - “Love Can Be Cruel” (Buy from Dead Oceans)

12. Tanya Tagaq - “Caribou” (Buy from Six Shooter)

13. Coupler - “MCA” (Buy from Coupler)

Email music for consideration to

Some of you may remember Mike’s Twin Turbo LSx 280z from a previous lost we made of his car on the dyno. This beautiful S30 is running HosePimp Silicone and Stainless T-Bolt Pimp Clamps but now it’s here at TX2K15 with some fatty boom batty Mickeys on the rear, a better tune and a desire to be pushed to run with the big dogs!
Should be a great car to watch when the track goes live!
PLEASE, stop wasting time AND money on cheap imported silicone and clamps! If you need silicone couplers, reducers, elbows or stainless clamps, call HosePimp for the highest quality, American made silicone and clamps.
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