201 Followers Gift

6(or 3) poses for your couplesssss. They /will/ clip if poofy clothes are used, as you can see and if your sims have edited heights you’ll probably need omsp. Both list and non list packages are included, the non list poses are the name of the package if that makes sense? You’ll figure it out.

Don’t redistribute or claim as your own, but apart from that go for it and have fun, I think? :p

Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rdqypbawsoopm1s/Unconditionally%20Pose%20Pack%20By%20Simmerclaus.rar 

I was a fool and lost the father-son clip.

So, if you want it, you’ll have to use the codes, which are simple.

a_fatherandson_01 -> father pose
p_fatherandson_02 -> toddler pose
easy, right? 

The other two pictures are pose list compatible because woo, have fun with them or whatever, ♥’s and reblogs are appreciated. Late Christmas gift or 86 follower gift? I dunno. Don’t reupload, blah blah. 

Folder with everything >here<